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December 18, 2009

can it really only be one more week? (sad sigh)

regretfully, i’ve yet to feel the fa la la.

even with a tree that would resurrect liberace, boughs of holly decking my halls, and celine dion feliz navidad-ing me  every four hours on sirius radio (the only way french-canadien chanteuses can) i still can’t get into the holiday humor.

usually a couple “o holy nights”,

a whiff of belle fleur neroli pine,

and a few venti drips in the “special” cup

and i’m ready to ho ho ho.

but so far. bleh.

it’s time to bring in hollywood.

the following films never fail to jingle my jolly buttons. i usually watch them on or the day before christmas. but you know what they say: desperate times call for cuter outfits!!

here are my best-loved holiday humdingers.

"scrooged"....had to use this shot since it's my favorite scene (big smile).

have to say…..just amassing the movies and links (click the images for film info) is getting me into a one horse open sleigh kinda mood.

have a ring-a-ling, hear them sing weekend friends.

  • sandysays1

    A couple of good movies to add to your list that aren't seen too much, "The Gathering" with Ed Asner, and "Holiday Inn," the film that Bing Crosby first sang "White Christmas."

  • Thanks again for your get well wishes! I'm on the mend…my face looks less fucked up everyday!

    My favorite X-mas movies:
    1.Love Actually (a little cheesy…but I love the part where the audience all gets up and sings at the wedding
    2.Scrooged (Love Bill Murray)
    3.And don't forget "Jingle All The Way"….ok forget it. Arnold can suck it.


  • Just watched Four Christmases – hilarious! Reminded me yet again why I am happy not to be traveling home to the family for the holidays!

    Ms. Grinch 😉

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