a monday happy to you m’loves.

are we all commiserating stomaches full to the brim and heads a bit ping-pong from wine glasses a plenty…?

t’was it a good christmas weekend for you?

i had the merriest of holidays i must say. but unfortunately i’m feeling the effects of one to many forkfuls of buttery mirth.

what i could really use right now is a giant lump of coal.

and i don’t mean that metaphorically.

i would very much like to add this coal {yes. real, white coal} bracelet to my on-going {it was a bracelet xmas} arm party.

a natural air & water purifier, and the same stuff that hospitals make people ingest when they’ve consumed poison, coal is a detoxifier.

it is believed that wearing these bracelets next to the skin circulates blood, regulates body temperature & improves ones mood.

i wonder if they sell these in bulk?