we’re having ‘storm-watch’ 2010 here in so-cal (insert eye roll). i do love a nice (rare) spritz here in sunny-ville, but these photographs do have me longing for skies of blue and cocktails with sand between my toes.

i read about this company in vogue. literally “a restaurant without walls,” they ramble the country making meals in open fields, sandy beaches, or in forests made for fairy-tales.

join me for a daydream?

margaritas and guacamole. you, me, the waves, and white sundresses.

a crisp chardonnay, air so clean your eyes water, and soon that cowboy brings dinner on horseback.

shhh...can you hear the corn stalks? whish-whish. whish-whish. more soothing than any violin or cello.

the sides of my face hurt from smiling. is it the mint julep? or memories of sharing peach cobbler and conversation with those i love the most?

we eat cheese. soft, strong, stinky. syruped with drips of honey, and sprigs of lavender. sweet sauternes wash it down.

cuddling with you under a blanket as we share wild mushroom soup and sherry. the candlelight lures the forest fairies to revel and rollick for us.