birthday party brilliance

February 1, 2010

we had a birthday party saturday night.

although, there weren’t st. bernards standing in for ponies. alas. i did manage to get to a whipped cream, frosted flower for my piece of the cake (happy heel clicks).

this sweet, candy-colored short validates my point that mommys and rainbow sprinkles can make days brighter.

merry monday friends!

  • Happy Monday West Coast Katie! I hope you got in a wee bit of needed sleep, some studying and your HH is feeling better? This video was so unique, and magical. The creativity in people constantly moves me. Nothing (am I really me this), nothing makes me feel better than sprinkles. But after watching, my first thought was how much I miss having a mom. D :
    But, life goes on. That pic of the horse, priceless. To less scattered days ahead!! xx deb

    p.s. – what keeps me going is the hopes of going back to CA!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It was your birthday right???? Just wanted to let you know that those pics kinda scare the livin' shit outta me. Glad they make you happy though…lol.

  • Brilliant!

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