i can’t contain my secret anymore. these 3 urban decay products, courtesy of my beloved and dearest friend, john p., are causing me to bounce up and down like a cracked out cricket, very similar to the way john and i spaz out on our spin bikes anytime a ke$ha song comes on….COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!” 

the new naked 2 palette has 12 of the dopest taupes you’ll ever need for your eyes. truly the last eyeshadow case you’ll ever buy. these shades let you play up any look in makeup artist playbook: you can go uber-natural, glamour-girl pretty, or super hooker sexy. 

and no mom, this is NOT my hooker look. 

this is the first eyeshadow palette where i actually use every single shade in the compact. 



another new weapon in my arsenal to fight father time and his personal wrinkle war on my face is urban decay’s naked skin beauty balm. oil-free, with Pepha®-Protect to shield skin from dna damage, this tube of wonder also contains vitasource™ and dGlyage® which both protect and benefit the skin’s texture, elasticity, and provide anti-aging properties.

um? sign me up for auto-ship please.

AND….AND….AND…the best part: this stuff has these “optical blurring pigments” that makes you look like you’ve been photo-shopped, but in a not wearing tons of makeup way. you put this on your face, and it’s like an amazing james cameron movie; suddenly your pores and freckles and lines have been pixelated over. 


when it comes to bronzer i am the BIGGEST snob. i’ll admit it. i judge you by how you treat your waiter and what kind of bronzer you wear. 

it’s not that a bronzer needs to be a certain brand or price-i don’t think it matters, what counts is the color-and, in my opinion, most bronzers suck.

99% of the bronzers should be pulled off the shelves or at least re-marketed as face paint, tribal markings, and or tattoos. 

i was shocked, SHOCKED i tell you, to discover urban decay’s baked bronzer in toasted, that is their matte finish version, to be a lovely, natural golden glow. just a little is all you need, and it’s the perfect copper tone {literally} circa 1984 before we all knew better and were sunning our faces with ban de soleil and tin foil.

so there you have it…..my three summer pick me ups…

tuesday happy to you.

love you john!