my valentine to all mothers

February 12, 2010

babies cry.


sometimes babies cry on airplanes.

they are not doing this on purpose. they are not evil spawn trying to make your life impossible. they are BABIES. deal with it.

stop being such a donkey with your dirty looks, snarky eye rolls, and nasty comments to the poor mother breaking her back trying to smother said crying baby with bottles, goldfish and stuffed animals.

do you REALLY think she doesn’t notice her own child’s cry?

i’ll bet you 10 MILLION DOLLARS she wants it to stop more than all of us here on this plane.

so cut her a little slack please. this isn’t about YOU!

maybe even offer her a hand? make funny faces at the baby, or play hide n seek to make the baby feel more comfortable. it’s no wonder a baby cries on airplanes, i’ve seen how hostile the atmosphere becomes when a mother and young baby enter the cabin.

i doubt you’ll read this, but to the sweet, poor mom on flight 6061 to san francisco last thursday afternoon; i want to apologize for the gross and buffoon behavior of the cabin and crew. you did all you could to stifle your precious babe’s wails. he wasn’t a bad boy, he was tired and scared. your seatmates were the real infants.

  • On my way home from Orange County to Houston two weeks ago, a mother was running down the aisle of the plane to take her toddler to the bathroom prior to take off. She didn't make it and the baby projectile vomited all over a passenger (sitting in the aisle seat right next to me). The mother was mortified but could do nothing. Chocolate milk and donut chunks everywhere. The woman covered in vomit had to wash her hair in the plane's tiny bathroom and borrow clothes from a flight attendant. We were delayed 45 minutes for clean up and the 3 hour flight to Texas smelled like vomit the entire way. I'd take a crying baby over a sick one any day. Happy Valentines day!

  • Oh my you are so incredibly sweet to post this. Although none of us like a crying child or barking dog on a flight, I always try to put myself in the other persons shoes. So sad to read that people were so unkind. We ALL were babies once, except Rush Limbaugh (kidding)! I didn't get the chance to fly much with my children, but recently we did take our small dog & that was hell enough. She got loose out of her cage under my seat (my fault) & the lady behind me threw a sissy fit. I snapped @ her saying do you think I'm enjoying this. All the while Miss Buffy the dog torpedoed down the isle towards the Pilots cabin. If I could of leaped out of the plane I would of. Great, fun, sweet post. Happy weekend & Happy Valentines Day. Hope you & your hunk have a romantic moment or two xxx deb

    I hope you have a great one!

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