i just love saying/writing the word darlings! suddenly my neck lengthens, my lashes bat thicker, my magnolia perfume wafts romantically, and people forget, for a bit, that i’m really just sitting here in 4-year-old-flip-flops, a sundress too old even for the goodwill, hair strung out like keith richards in the 70’s, a face  greasier than a denny’s cooktop, and a mood mildly less pleasant than a dirt sandwich. 

yet, with just one aristocratic term of endearment, suddenly i can transport myself into a prettier world.

what pretty things do you have lined up for the weekend? 

after kamp katie tomorrow, hunkiest and i are off for a teeny, much-needed getaway. 

i can’t wait to report on the silliness and antics.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.