happy weekend

March 5, 2010

cool beans! we’re getting another rainstorm.

kick up my boots i will!

nothing like a rainy weekend to soar my spirit.

march mists rehydrate my gleeful and gamesome cells;

encouraging me to twirl in public again.

a cleansing of extravagance and excess. a replenished bucket of playful.





  • Yeah…when I lived in OC I loved it when it rained too. But now that I'm back on the East Coast…when it rains…I'm all, "Eff this shit, I'm going back to bed!"

    Happy Weekend!

  • I leave the bay area for newport and it's dry here – raining there. Grrrrrr

  • I do declare you are a fun, full of life woman dear Katie. No one can appreciate so much & put it into playful words like you do. I love it!! Happy rainy weekend for sure xx

  • your blog is like cashmere socks. 🙂 xxoo

  • i am so so so so so over this rain all the time. i thought this was so cal! ugh. and it never rains during hte week when i;m in my office, just the weekend when i want to play!

  • Hope you got to wear some stylish rain boots! I spent the rain inside my fav local restaurant sharing a nice bottle of wine with a date…very cozy! And of course now I need to come to one of your classes badly to work it all off!!

    xo Mary Jo

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