une nuit a paris.

July 25, 2011

sunday night, hunkiest and i stole away to paris for woody allen’s latest.

luckily our favorite theatre happened to be showing said flick. a newport beach institution since 1938 when it premiered neighbor bette davis’ ‘jezebel’, the lido regency is a walk back in time “when women smoked and chatted in the ladies room, while arranging their makeup.” every single inch of the building, down to each tile, has been restored to its original 1930’s look. typically the lido tries to show more independent, less blockbuster type films. a win, win.

seaside duds.

those before.

sugar sugar. red vines pour moi, peanut m & m’s pour lui.

making out is better on the balcony.

and lemonade always tastes better pink.

movie was sweet. without mademoiselle paris as a co-star it would have fallen trés short.

monday happy to you m’loves.

  • I loved the heavy handed literary references that I could follow and feel smart. In the movie, not this post…

  • I'm staying right near The Regency for the week. I think this post may have convinced me to make a visit!

  • That movie theater really looks like it's something special. I really do love movie outings — though I always sneak in my own food and drink.

  • You look so cute! I loved this movie too! So, so good.

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