happy weekend

March 19, 2010

i see you spring……

scarves of silk and swishing skirts are anxiously waiting to come out and play.

it’s time for sweet peas and apricots to shoo away the dusty doldrums of season sad.

bows and boudouir…….with remnants still of boyfriend past:

i hear you calling. patience. you’ll get your time in the sun.

for now i will steep in these last hours of wistful winter.

maybe the tears outscored the laughs this season,

but, at least once a day, something beautiful took away….my breath.


  • Wow, you write beautifully when you haven't gotten any sleep. But still…a 4:30am client??? I would/could never/ever function/exercise at that hour without an order from King Henry the 8th himself. Bravo…nice work ethic…so yes…my lazy Tudor watching ass can suck it.


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