since i can remember i’ve been a sucker for all things preppy.

in elementary school i used to get teased to tears by the older kids with my ali macgraw “love story” attire. my mother would dress me a bit overboard-think tweed ralph lauren blazers, stiff-starched oxfords over navy turtlenecks, matching hunter-green trousers, argyle socks and the requisite penny loafer, spit-shined penny. but rather than an east coast, ivy league, collegiate co-ed, i was a southern california, public school, 6-year old first grader. i exaggerate naught, my readers from the 1980’s, can i get a comment or two to back me up please?

but trauma aside, i still kept my love affair for all things madras, chino and nantucket.

as spring waves her almond jordan colored flag at me, and the weather starts to warm up after a few icy cold {for southern california} days and nights, i am tickled pink and green to bring out my inner east coast wasp.

i think i came out of the womb with my collar turned up.

and i’m pretty sure there’s never been a bigger sucker for “seer” than i.

pleats and blazers please and a shot of color on the side.

pinks on pink on pink on denim, and you have a happy katie girl.

and preppy always goes with my pink donuts.

best of all, i can even smooch “in the prep”, which is what i’ll be doing over the next two days.

hope you have a lovely weekend m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.