spring’s spritzing so-cal today.

groovy for me! i’ve got my boots on, edit piaf blaring in the prius, and puddles needing my splashing.

this frilly frock of an umbrella would be the perfect accoutrement to puddle jumping with the beasts.

oblige me as i descent into age 4 when this was my favorite song for 6 months. there were only snippets of bambi i could bare to watch (yes, back them i got IT). but this music would make me so happy. it still does.

whilst in the spirit of “april showers” i made the mistake of actually googling the term. low and behold there is, of course a blog entitled: aprilshowersblog. one double click and i’m overdosing in 10th grade insecurity. does anyone have a nail file i can use to bring my breakfast back up? this girl is fresh off her mother’s breast at 25, already happily married, works her cute little butt off at NBC all day long, then designs wedding invitations, business cards, and websites all through the night. she has lost 70 lbs, “loves to run”, couldn’t get just one degree in college, had to get another (i went on the 5 year, bachelor of arts program, but had to take all that time off for acting auditioning wink wink), has nursed her husband through 2 heart attacks, and now they are trying for a baby. oh, and for free, she’ll tutor people on designing blogs.

i can make my bed and sometimes i don’t fuck up toast.