what makes your heart beat in the tops of your ears?

you know what i’m talking about. what stokes your coals so that you feel your pulse not only on the sides of your temples but in the ridges of your fingernails as you run your hands through your hair trying to calm that insanity down.

for me it’s movement. athleticism. animalistic prowess. when a human form takes on feline-like gesture and loses the civilized brain. i see this most in dance. modern, lyrical dance. i have to admit, i didn’t want to, but i became a sucker for sytycd. here was one of my favorite routines that still haunts me {make sure you expand it on your computer so you can watch all the little nuances and fabulous insanity.}

fashion makes my heart beat faster. so far the s/s 2013 collections are pretty spectacular, but one dress from the very first week in new york has been burned into the grey matter of my brain.

prabal gurung’s layered, grey chiffon has me booking resorts for vow renewal number five. i must get my hands on that dress, my legs through that skirt, my triceps through those ruffled shoulder boughs, that belt around my waist. oh yes, she probably will NOT be mine.

something a little easier on my budget that is blowing my brain is mary jo matsumoto’s newest 4FREE nail polish trio: caffeine addiction. she’s done it again. mary jo has created three unique shades, all perfect for fall, chic and modern; the perfect mixture of hip, but classy enough to wear to the office or to that fall wedding.

i’m loving coffee addiction. it’s a peachy brown that looks great on the hands. it’s neutral enough for every day, but not at all boring. the mood altering mocha is super pretty on the toes, and again looks ultra-fashionable on the hands for that dark fingernail look.

and you know what really gets my heart aflame? manners. basic etiquette. where has it all gone? biz etiquette helps remedy this problem. 

my friend cassie piasecki wrote a snappy, entertaining, less than 10 minute read for everybody to refresh on today’s basic decorum in business; although i think it applies to all walks of life, not just “doing deals” and the professional realm. it’s a $1.99 kindle purchase on amazon. how can you not afford this quick, little refresher? i think it’s the perfect gift for every one of all ages; from the high schooler to the senior citizen. we all can work on our manners. 

so tell me m’loves, what’s currently making your heart beat faster?