dears, what have you planned for this weekend?

in an effort to disburden my doldrums i will be dusting off the ol’ beachcruiser.

the wind wafting my hair wispy; i’ll coast, standing upright, legs locked, eyes closed, head held pertly up to the sky so that my body can sop up as much breeze to skin action as possible. like limp ranunculus needing the sun to survive i’ll be stretching my stem as far as i can out of my vase.

even more fun is when hh joins me, and we ride to our favorite neighborhood cafe for greyhounds and truffle fries. we’ll flirt madly, stuff ourselves silly and pedal home like puppies. 

maybe i’ll try wearing a fancy dress too. bikes and ballgowns?

you never know what silly combination can dry a tear. these days i’m up for all kinds of crazy.

love. love. love.