it’s party time.

shhhhhh…’s a surprise.

we’ve been planning, and trying to keep it under wraps.

but the day has come…….


it’s going to be a crowded bash over at soul aperture; for the ledger of all who love the empress is long and grows by the hour.

our entry ticket must a list of simple things to “show what we appreciate, and what we are grateful for – no matter how big or small, these things may seem.”

i give you ten of mine:

sunday morning dates with my new york times and a pot of coffee. no cell phone or laptops making fourth wheel appearances.

a summer song for after dinner strolling; or for sipping wine in solitude on the sofa.


an afternoon nap.

a bare beach.


handwritten letters

hearty, savoury meals.

a night at the movies.


there you have it. my simple things for the summer.

happy birthday miss christina.

one giant ladleful of love to you lovely lady.

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