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lady like tuesday

April 27, 2010

balls to you april!

you’re not bringing any of your usual sunny self to the game.

skirts, straps, and sandals enjoy cozy closet time while cashmere and cardigans work without end.

highs in the sixties call for sweaters and socks. still.

fancy folds of warm weather fabric yearn to frolic amongst the blooming petunias and pansies.

i’ll begrudgingly make this tuesday…….ladylike.

grrr. grumble, grumble.



April 26, 2010

according to organic.org, eating organic foods:

1. reduces toxic load

2. reduces/eliminates off farm production

3. protects future generations

4. builds healthy soil

5. tastes better with truer flavor

6. assists family farmers of all sizes

7. avoids hasty and poor science in my food

8. gives eating a sense of place

9. promotes biodiverstiy

10. celebrates the culture of agriculture

you know me and helping biodiversity?!? stand back people. like a mama and her baby cub.

i think i’m on my 6th bag.

fashion crime

April 23, 2010

priscilla makes her dislike of mother’s pink sweater obvious to all in the household.

from now on, all shades of pink will undergo canine council review to ensure no future attention will take away from youngest’s fuschia feathers.

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