so cassie, my friend of all things in the know and fabulous, scored a much desired invite to c magazine’s luncheon honoring derek lam for his collaboration with tod’s.

me in mj, cassie in the raddest alexander wang (helps when you have a body like that); we were good girls (for the most part) and stuck to sparkling water and lime.

mr. lam couldn’t have been cuter or sweeter.

here’s cassie and i looking for presents, checking out what other people are buying, and playing dress up.

my one regret!! i have wanted to buy this lavender bag forever. but didn’t think it was the right time to talk to derek about fashioning the piece in an eco-friendly, non-leather fabric.

evil evan (the photographer: who looked more like a model-hence: my silly, flirty school-girl smile) kept baiting me to buy the piece anyway. or at least walk around as if it were mine for the hour.

cassie and i moved onto sunglasses instead. she bought those bad-ass, purple-y, i’m too foxy for the rest of you shades.

cassie runs smarty oc which is is a community of entrepreneurial women. SMARTY provides resources, education and inspiration. their members get business done, they just don’t sit around and talk about what they’re going to wear once they meet oprah (her words).

we made new friends. this is sweet, beautiful bri. she’s a new transplant into orange county. she has skin like milk and honey.

marche moderne served us a perfect spring lunch finished with the most heavenly strawberry shortcake and macaroons i’m still dreaming about.

and THE best swag!! tod’s skinny, pebbled, studded bracelet! yippee!

i’m trying to elegantly scour the table for more macaroons………. i’m like a great white shark amongst a bay of surfers…….where is that last macaroon!??!?!?!