it’s friday i’m in love

August 21, 2015


friday-i whip-my-hair-back-and-forth-to you m’loves!

summer is winding down, and i feel like i’m just getting my toes sandy.

last night i asked hunkiest if we should plan a summer vacation.

you’d think i’d had offered him to smoke crack.

apparently we’re not taking a summer vacaction….and i guess i can kiss that date night with the crack pipe goodbye.

in the meantime, here are a few things tickling my friday fancy:


i’m loving laura mcbride’s novel: “we are called to rise,” another great recommendation from my friend, mrs. burns.

this one is brutal.

my cheek has a permanent palm print from the incessant, emotional whacks this novel delivers; starting at page one.

i’ll admit i’m a teeny bit afraid of the direction this story is going toward, it may not be for everyone, including myself, but so far, it’s THAT good- i can’t put it down.

my therapist….ok AND my pharmacist, are both on speed dial just in case.


 so who wants to make this pretzel ice cream cake for me?


will somebody please go get this sweet baby girl?

and once i have my farm, i have found our next dog{s}.


i lived in this blue maxi, shopbop dress during my pregnancy.

i’m still wearing it this summer.

it and a few other summer dresses i love just went on sale.

1 2 3 4


 i’m digging this article on small ways to pay it forward….

remember to keep it anonymous folks!

talking about your generosity or posting about it kinda negates the whole thing.YouTube Preview Image

and finally, a friday jam.

it’s an oldie, but i brought this one back in my classes this week.

peeps seemed to dig it.

how are you planning to ROCK your weekend m’loves?

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it’s friday and i’m in love!

January 23, 2015


happy red-velvet-friday to you m’loves.

it’s friday, and i’m a buck-toothed, tail-waggin, giddy-ass, disco’ing donkey.

even though i work the weekends i still love me an end-of-the-week party; mostly in my bed, with a remote control, my dvr crammed with shows or my latest read.

 reading all your kind, welcome-back comments slapped me into a silly delerium; thank you darlings.

here are a few of the fancies currently tickling my soul-bone:



please tell me you’ve digested these salty, savory piñatas for your mouth?

trader joes just started selling them; i’m pretty sure i bought the costa mesa branch out clean, but you’re welcome to try.

i mean does it get better than this guest list:

marcona almonds: ✓

sea salt: ✓

black summer truffle: ✓

what else does one need in life?

in my case two gallons of water due to all the sodium consumption; a small price to pay for such oral happiness {yes, i said that.}


what does your january fridge look like?

 i’ve never been one commit to new year’s resolutions; especially of the diet nature; nothing like telling me NOT to eat something to send me on a weeklong trans-fat/high fructose syrup bender, but i’m not averse to an occasional tasty tweak here and there.

here is a list of must-have {health conscious} items we all could pick up next time we’re grocery shopping.

you can imagine my shock that my saliferous, hypertension-inducing nuts didn’t make the cut, but i am happy to report that i do eat a grapefruit every day.


 i’m foaming at the mouth, old yeller style, for these yoga mats from mark and graham.

the go-to online store for everything monogrammed, mark and graham just released these gorgeous mats.

it’s the perfect motivation for me to get back in the studio and find my crow pose again.


yoga class aside, the crankiness of my knees and back have reached an all-time high. i’ve been marinating in these bath salts every night.

completely natural, vegan, and cruelty-free valentina’s home-brewed magickal mineral salts are the only antidote for soreness, fatigue, and general malaise.

the jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood in sweet dreams lullabies your mind and body into a peaceful sleep.

i love the refreshing pick-me-up of the sunny outlook salts when i’m feeling especially down in the dumps.

there’s also nothing like a fresh charge of rosemary to get you focused and on track; habit breaker helps stir the pot on resolutions and goal-setting.

and because it is a new year the essential oils of anise, bergamot and cacao in prosperity give you that extra dose of easy street as you relax in the bath.

i buy these individual salts at mother’s market, but they’re also available online.


 although mother’s market is the shopping post i adore most; it is unfortunately not a dog-friendly market.

here is a list of surprising businesses that {unbeknownst to me} are dog friendly.

you know i’ve ALWAYS wanted an excuse to visit tractor supply co.; now i finally have my excuse.



ok, stuff like this totally geeks me out:

the geniuses at info we trust were able to diagram the daily 24hr schedules of history’s most brilliant, innovative and prominent minds; breaking down their typical, must-do day.

french novelist/playwright, balzac is a man after my heart. he, too, had an “epic caffeine addiction” {is there any other kind?} and was known to down as many as 50 cups of BLACK {duh} coffee a day.

he also required a ton of sleep that included daily naps after his marathon coffee-sprees.

YouTube Preview Image

lastly, my playlists have been heavy with this new song from ellie goulding.

i’m afraid it’s the closest i will get to seeing/reading fifty shades of shit grey.

the whole soundtrack {which isn’t fully released until 2/10/2105} is fabulous..but this week “love me like you do” is blowing my mind.

so tell me kitty-kats…what is currently rocking your world.

see you on the other side of sunday…

and do forget to enter for a free box of santa barbara bars.~~~~~~~CONTEST CLOSED~~~~~~~~~





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thoughts on a thursday morning….

June 19, 2014


even though, calendar-wise, we’re still technically in spring, around here the neighborhood air is coconut suncreen-scented, and beach-cruisers outnumber bmw’s.

summer has arrived.

here are some other undeniable things happening in my world:


berries are abundant.

it’s no secret to you m’loves that i’ve been having fun with these sweet, mouth-watering candies.

i’m still doing my strawberry water and our backyard bush is on its very last bloom.

but i just stumbled across this summer berry PUDDING and i am an obsessed catnipped kitten.

have you even heard of “berry pudding”!?!

that’s like the best two words EVER coming together and having a baby.

like: prada sale, cheese plate, pre-nup, or phen-fen….

maybe one of my culinary readers will venture a make of this delicious recipe…

for now i’m just going to fantasize about berry pudding.


one should never underestimate the power of puppy breath.

even if you’re a cat person, i dare you to find yourself a pup, and not be boiled over with giggles and oxytocin.

and stay out of the pet stores…so many shelters are teeming with adorable puppies needing volunteers for walks and companionship; just an hour a week can make a difference in your mood.

i dare you.

AND if this video of a puppy litter’s first swim doesn’t cure your summertime blues maybe you should just switch to barbiturates in your green smoothie.


speaking of mind-altering substances….gotta give a big shout out to my newest supporter.

thanks granny.


and not that you need a reminder, but they still install “wash your hands” signs in restrooms.

yesterday i had a migraine that gave waterboarding a run for its tortuous money.

i wanted to call in “pissy” to work, but it was too late to find a sub.

instead i walked around for the first part of my morning with my headache as the center of my universe; expecting the rest of the universe to act accordingly.

it took effort for me to be kind.

i did need a reminder, and got one.


a student….going through pain herself, not a migraine, but just as raw; something i could unfortunately share in the experience of.

loving on her and trying to show her kindness actually made me forget about my stupid head; all i felt was love and compassion even though i was so sad for her.

we are never alone; even in our pain.

sometimes, often times, sharing or focusing on the fact that there are others who are feeling just as bad as us, and can use support, is often the remedy we need to solve our own crisis.

at least that’s how it seems to work for me…


so there are my thursday thoughts.

wishing you a day full of puppy kisses, sunny skies worthy of coconut sunscreen, and the gift of feeling compassion for someone else.



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spring break

April 16, 2014


darlings it’s been too long.

i’ve been remiss from my post.

like a rampant co-ed, unleashed on myrtle beach; caution and bra to the wind, my feet dangling, shot-gun, outside the sunroof, as i pass my number to the cutest boy in town; laptops and passcodes have been ebola virus loathe to me………until today.

glad to see you.


catch me up on you, as i french kiss this cup of dark roast.

is april treating you well?

like me, are you fist pumping the lilac-scented, morning air; HAPPY for warmer days and shorter nights; uber-thrilled with sunday’s episode of game of thrones? –if you’re not caught up…get OFF the internet now!


against type, {half-asian, allergic to daylight} i’ve been playing outdoors.

each afternoon, with hat on head, pocketing out new parts of town, i taste-test the sunshine, sampling all the radiance and jolly spring has to offer.

nothing too adventurous, typically it’s never more than a five minute stroll down a foreign street, or i’ll park somewhere farther away than usual; the perfect portion of fresh air and vitamin d—nothing more, nothing where i break a sweat or strap on sneakers.

this is me we’re talking about; i wear sunscreen to bed, i have zero desire to trek nepal, nor go anywhere requiring a compass or map. my version of SURVIVOR is a hotel without 24-hour room service.


competing with sunshine, for air time in my life, is sweet; there is a prolific amount of sweet going around town.

sweetness comes in all forms these days, and not just in my recent, key lime pie face-plants.

my easter basket of sweet includes the tall, the short, male, female, four-legged with whiskers, and a pulse-free, heart rate inducing nemesis keeping me up at all hours of the night.

and sometimes that sweet comes in the form of falling flat on my face, scraped-up knees and bloody elbows for souvenirs, accompanied with a wet-your-pants rendition of how it all went down.

my lesson there was that not all fences need mending. i tend to bloat my importance in other people’s lives. sometimes silence is the loudest and clearest message of all.

now it’s just a matter of me walking, breathing, & hip-shaking my new awareness.

but there’s still sweetness in knowing that although i may not have succeeded in an earnest endeavor, i’m still standing, loving {hard}, laughing {a lot,} and believing in the good.


i’m a sucker for a happy ending.

{don’t be nasty.}

and i get one every morning and every night…

{again keep it clean, guys.}

thank you is a happy ending.

a 45-second, out of the saddle, sprint, with the biggest, fattest gear, leaving me breathless, and wanting to vomit, is a happy ending.

lessons, even when they leave me tear-stained are happy endings.

the breath of a beast is a happy ending.

 and every time i sit down to say “hello” to you, THAT is a happy ending.

wednesday happy to you my bunny rabbits; wishing you many happy endings…



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it’s friday, i’m in love….

November 8, 2013

afterlight (86)

good morning lovers!

friday happy to you.

pull up a chair and grab your mug; i’m ready to dish on all things favorite.

afterlight (85)

i truly am cozied up here, piano’ing my keyboard whilst sneaking sips from one of my favorite coffees.

it’s that time of year: red cups, silver bells, and the release of holiday blend from peet’s coffee...

these beans are the perfect coupling of nuttiness and spicy in a dark, slap-you-in-the-face roast.

 adding to this morning tryst is an article i read yesterday stating that coffee is quite the unknown anti-ager.

can i get a “hell yeah!!”?


speaking of anti-aging, i’m obsessed with all products sunday riley. i waited a good 6 months before reviewing sunday’s a-grade material, raw, vegan-friendly line. it IS pricey but i had heard so many rave reviews i had to check it out.

i am not disappointed. her clean & green in technology have given me noticeable results in fine lines, suppleness, and hydration; meaning i can actually see a difference.

i am officially addicted to her bionic anti-aging cream and start-over eye gel .

afterlight (87)

and speaking of addictions, remember when i told you about my crack habit?

well it just soared to toronto mayor levels.

at that aforementioned peet’s coffee, also known as my dealer, they are now offering chocolate covered oreos during this over-fed holiday season…..as if we’re not already getting our adequate supply of sugar and fat.

unfortunately the smack is only available in-store. you gotta get your strung-out self to your local shop for that afternoon fix.

afterlight (88)

i can’t believe, but running and i have yet to break up.

it’s been a week.

but along with my newfound pavement pounding i’m also “rolling” more.

just as important to stretching, deep fascia therapy, either on a foam roller or manually with massage, is crucial to joint health.

every day and before bed i’ve been using my yoga tune up balls to alleviate much of the pain i experience in my back, hamstrings, feet, hand and knees.

it hurts like a mother, i’m talking tears sometimes, but the effects are nirvanic and can be felt right away.

jogger (1)

as a reward for sticking with my holiday hustle {albeit 6 days} i treated myself to these satin jogging pants from vince, and yes…i may even jog in them….in heels.

they are über comfortable, flattering, and what i love most is the tuxedo stripe down the side of the leg.


and then lastly for the friday favorites…for those of you who didn’t already see it yesterday on facebook, i am FIENDISH for the talking pet app.

if you have pets and you text/email photos of your pets excessively, then this is the app for you.

so like priscilla said, “happy weekend!”

wishing you caffeinated dreams and chocolate-covered smiles.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

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shake it out!!

October 29, 2013



 so last week my friend, mrs. burns, sent me a story about the shake book by carli davidson, a portland photographer for the oregon zoo.


for an hour i poured over her hilarious portraits of dogs “shaking, jowls flapping, and fur flying.” each print is more unique and funny than the next.

so you can imagine my giddy when yesterday i came across the corresponding video to these shoots…

pure happiness on a tuesday.

shake it out m’loves.

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shut the fridge!

October 9, 2013

welcome to the latest installment of “shut the fridge,” where our favorites let us glimpse inside their eating world.
i am cuckoo-clock crazy for today’s guest.
i’ve been trying to get my beautiful friend, cassie piasecki, on GNI since i first started this gig.
every second with cassie is an inspiration. she is an entrepreneur, writer, fitness fiend {soon to be whipping all of our bottoms in both her spin and pilates classes,} she is an exquisite mother, adoring wife, and one of the most fantastic friends to have.
if cassie ever created her own talk-show, i’d be the first one to DVR every episode. she always has oodles of important information, not just opinions, on everything from starting one’s own business to raising a daughter in newport beach.
and she’s ALWAYS dressed like she just stepped off the most recent street style pages.
here’s a look inside this fabulous girl’s fridge:
cassie (1 of 1)
In the Piasecki Household we are in a state of transition and a busy travel month.  My one and only child just left for college, leaving me to cook for just myself and the hubs.  After a summer of  “let’s eat at home to save money as much as we can” for the three of us, this is quite a departure.  Especially because the hubs is traveling three days out of the week every week for September and October.  Long story short…I’m not buying OR cooking much.  It’s basically ME.
freezer (1 of 1)
I’m going to start at the top and that’s my freezer.  I’m a plan ahead kind of girl.  I usually spend Sunday in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins or banana bread for the hub’s breakfast, making a soup for the first couple of days of the week and usually a pot of chili, spaghetti sauce or stew that I can freeze in individual size portions for weeknight dinners.  Because I don’t eat meat and the hubs was brought up on boarding school “slop food” we usually eat different things for dinner.  I’m not a big “lady who lunches” kind of gal.  I dig an Amy’s bean and rice burrito or a Trader Joe’s pizza (Hello! They are made in Italy!!) midday. The Klondikes are obviously for the person who doesn’t  wear workout clothes most days of the week.
yogurt (1 of 1)
Yogurt is big in our house for breakfast.  I eat the Fage with berries and hemp seed sprinkled on it and the Noosa is my special treat.  A few spoonfuls are the perfect late-afternoon pick me up before a cycle class.  We totally eat a lot of butter, too.  I feel if you are going to splurge on something that is high calorie or high fat, make it the best it can be.  Straus Creamery is the bomb!  Have you tried their eggnog?  It’s coming!!!  I love fizzy water and the Voss bottles are so pretty.  Hubs loves a Pellegrino soda every now and then.  Costco sells them in a big pack so it seems like we have a lot of them now.  Oh and that orange?? That is for Mandy, our blind Bichon Frise.  My hubs is convinced that she needs a slice of orange everyday to keep her healthy.  He forces me to give it to her even when he travels.
 topshelgf (1 of 1)
A few of my fave things ready for the week…jicama, roasted Delicata squash, Majestic sprouted hummus and my lemon pie Coco-Roons.
door (1 of 1)
I love my seeds!  This summer I got really into Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, “It’s All Good” and a lot of her recipes use flax seeds, almond butter and brown rice syrup (well, the desserts do!) so I always seem to have those on hand.  I like to add the cacao nibs to granola that I make at home.  And, I love Justin’s peanut butter cups.
spices (1 of 1)
I know this isn’t IN my fridge but I became obsessed with these spices this summer and I had to share.  Cinnamon goes on all of my yogurt.  Lemon Pepper…where have you been all of my life?  It goes on just about everything that doesn’t get cinnamon.  The Savory Spice Shop in Corona del Mar is awesome because you can try small amounts of things you wouldn’t normally use.  Not that these two are anything unusual but I sprinkle red pepper flakes on pizza and the fine white pepper?  SO yummy on steamed rice and vegetables.
magnets (1 of 1)
Only people who actually come in my house would ever see this but I collect fridge magnets.  BUT, there is a catch!  It can’t be just any magnet.  I have to get the magnet myself, you can’t bring me one AND I have to get it for free.   Each one means something only to me.  They captured a time of my life (the kid dentist), a trip (a funky pizza joint in Colorado) or even businesses that have now closed (my fave scrapbook shop).  They cover much of the real estate on my fridge.  Silly but cool.
I have to thank Katie because I learned a lot from this exercise.  I learned that I need to add some variety into my eating!  As much as I love my berries, I’m excited for the change in seasons and the fall fruits and vegetables.  I just signed up for the South Coast Farms CSA baskets through Villa Pilates and Yoga.  My soups and stews will be chock full of organic goodness.
I don’t have a cool quote about food to close my entry here on Miss Katie’s blog.  I will share two of my food rules.  I really don’t eat after 7pm and abs are made in the kitchen.

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August 26, 2013

spindrift (1 of 1)

~what do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?

~you keep it to yourself. 

BROADCAST NEWS, james l. brooks.

sorry loves, but i can’t contain this….maine is my new necessary.

house (1 of 1)

not even 48 hours into our stay and maine has declared “game, set, match.”

the levels of bewitch are painful; my face hurts from smiling, and how many more times can a girl cry at the sound of seagulls happily cawing into the warm, night wind?

walk (1 of 1)

we are hiding off the tip of bailey island, where american flags gaily compete for top flight in skies so blue, they scoff at photo shop and “filters.”

stairs (1 of 1)

the see-through, aquamarine water has an integrity not experienced in the tropics or warmer vacation climates i’ve gravitated toward.



but invigorating and life-affirming; a wake-up call to my senses that have gone lazy and lax.

here, the sea is a bloodline; pumping soul into the hearts of all who live here.

kenneraft (1 of 1)

 so far our only adventure has been into the popped collar and ivy league sweatshirt town of kennebunkport.

waspy element aside {oh who are we kidding i was dying a happy, exalted breath every time i saw a pair of madras shorts,} this lively hamlet welcomed us with eye-watering bloody marys, and an introduction to the state treasure known as “homemade ice cream.”

i foresee the purchase of elastic waistband pants; maybe even a muu-muu–and that’s just for hunkiest.

daisy (1 of 1)

if i’m really honest though this place could be a total trash-can and we’d still be the giddiest clams in the bucket.

not even 30 seconds standing on our driveway and we were greeted with tongues and tails from the girls next door.

daisy is the older lass. she is sweet, demure, mannerly and plays quietly in our grass for hours.

lily (1 of 1)

and when she’s not on her back dancing for the sun and the clouds, lily, the younger sister, romps around the property, stealing tennis balls, barking chatting up seagulls, and looking for dropped table scraps.

sounds like another girl i know.

maine. i’m officially seduced.

are we friends yet? 

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the newest ritual

November 5, 2012

monday morning kisses-on-your-heads to you m’loves!

how was your weekend? did you pound the alarm nicki minaj style? or were you a sade smooth operator?

i had a little of both condiments on my hot dog.

 the highlight of my weekend was visiting the grand opening of the much anticipated debut of ritual juicebox at the CAMP in costa mesa, california.

i’ve written about my love for ritual cleanse and their 100% organic, raw juices before. their juices are the best on the market, hands and pants down. now i am doubly excited i can get their juices locally, in single bottles, in an buffet of many, new flavors. 

the proof of the power of juicing is in this shop window. here are marra o. st. clair and lorri c. kenyon, the founders of ritual wellness. these girls literally glow. they are as nice as they are beautiful too. they were bubbling with excitement over their newest expansion with “ritual” {what we have all affectionately nicknamed the company.} these girls are talking, walking representations of the positive affects of the organic, raw lifestyle. their skin, their eyes, and their attitudes are just luminous. 

we got right down to business. for those of you already familiar with ritual cleanse, you’ll be amazed at how they’ve expanded their menu, and have these sweet, baby tester bottles to try the new juices out. “cinnamon coconut” seriously tastes like christmas in a bottle. i am NOT a coconut water fan, but i downed this like it was the last bottle of water on earth. and what may be my new favorite, “spicy greens”, is a twist on their standard greens: spinach, kale, romaine, apple, celery but added with TUMERIC!!! i’m such a sucker for tumeric and its anti-inflammatory properties. it’s currently flavoring my coffee as i type. they girls obviously think highly of its health benefits too. 

here’s how cute the juicebox looks from afar. and you can see the standards with which ritual wellness makes all of their juices: ALL of their produce is ALWAYS organic, 100% of the time. their centrifugal juicers extract 4 times more nutrients than most other juices used at home or in other shops. 

and i just love their commitment to the planet. all of their bottles, ice packs, and cooler bags {pictured} are 100% recyclable, made from 100% recyclable materials. you can’t beat that. 

so you can imagine how crazy honored i was when they asked me to be their inaugural “wellness warrior,”  an ambassador for their amazing company. could you hear my scream of delight throughout the country?

for the month of november, every time you buy a “sweet greens“-my favorite juice, ritual juicebox will donate 10% of the benefits to best friends animal society, the number one charity in america getting the country to a no-homeless pet state, with no-kill shelters. 

i’m just the luckiest girl ever. truly.

if you haven’t been down to the CAMP lately it’s definitely worth a visit. i love the funkier, independently owned shops and environmentally friendly vibe. i always walk around the CAMP with a giant smile on my face.

saturday was no different, i loped around with a stupid silly, ear to ear grin.

come meet me for a juice m’loves.



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scenes from a {catbird} weekend

October 8, 2012

monday sugar to you m’loves. did you fancy yourself a weekend chandelier sparkly?

mine was restful, seeing faces i love, both my day-to-day cherished ones, and a few i don’t get to see nearly enough.

on friday afternoon, a big joyful box from catbird arrived for me. 

catbird is a darling little shop in williamsburg {brooklyn, nyc} with the most spectacular sourcing of jewelers and artisans. each vendor is more unique and wonderful than the next. and their price points cater to all sorts of budgets. they have super quick economy shipping; i placed an order on tuesday, and had it 3 days later. none of that going to your front, empty doorstep over and over, day after day, like a crazy person. 

 out of all my boons, this twisted stacker ring was definitely the house favorite. it’s the prettiest, tiny, fleck of delicate gold that wraps sweetly around my ring finger. it connotes such a softness and tenderness, and of course love. how could i not wear it as my wedding band? as you can see even priscilla wanted in on my new jewelry action. that girl does not know her place. 

a close second in the favorite department is our new campfire candle. just like the label says it really does smell like wood smoke, saddle leather and honey. that element of sweet mixed with the smoky makes the most intoxicating autumn aroma. the house smells like a log cabin tucked hidden in the tennessee woods. it’s the perfect candle for this time of year. 

sweet dreams were most certainly had under our new tiffany-blue banner.

oh, and jones learned the art of the photobomb

this roomy, canvas tote bag has already seen much use this weekend at various errands and markets. it’s a great size and washes nicely. it came free with purchase. 

a weekend lovely, full of merry, love and living life. magic surrounds indeed!

 monday happy to you m’loves, here’s to a week of keeping the magic flowing.

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