we have a new sun today. a mirthful, waggish, tender sun.

a sun who will guide us away from the grime and gloom of months passed.

this morning i felt her even before i saw her.

she played a little hide and seek through my bedroom window for a bit; thoughtfully pre-warming the wood floors for slipperless feet.

i look outside and see song notes in sunbeams; beckoning me to cavort and conga amongst the backyard lavender.

this is the last time i’ll  wake with california morning sun for a while. i’ve got 2am wake up calls for the next couple of days, and then it’s honeymoon #2 with hh.

costa rica.

i’m bringing my kindle, tamra the camera, and my coffee mug.

that’s it.

i don’t surf, i don’t sun, i don’t hike, and i don’t fish.

i eat, sleep, drink coffee, and read.

and i will do all of those favorite things in a beautiful place.

i’ve been told there are very cool jungles. with monkeys.

as long as one of those monkeys can bring me a cup of coffee, i’m game.

happy monday dears.

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