sunshine on my shoulders

May 10, 2010

we have a new sun today. a mirthful, waggish, tender sun.

a sun who will guide us away from the grime and gloom of months passed.

this morning i felt her even before i saw her.

she played a little hide and seek through my bedroom window for a bit; thoughtfully pre-warming the wood floors for slipperless feet.

i look outside and see song notes in sunbeams; beckoning me to cavort and conga amongst the backyard lavender.

this is the last time i’ll  wake with california morning sun for a while. i’ve got 2am wake up calls for the next couple of days, and then it’s honeymoon #2 with hh.

costa rica.

i’m bringing my kindle, tamra the camera, and my coffee mug.

that’s it.

i don’t surf, i don’t sun, i don’t hike, and i don’t fish.

i eat, sleep, drink coffee, and read.

and i will do all of those favorite things in a beautiful place.

i’ve been told there are very cool jungles. with monkeys.

as long as one of those monkeys can bring me a cup of coffee, i’m game.

happy monday dears.

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  • I stayed in Costa Rica for a while during school. It was the time of my life. I've not been anywhere else in my life that compared in beauty. Yes, there are monkey forests, volcanos, soccer games, rainforests, fresh citrus fruits and some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I still keep in touch with my Costa Rican family. You'll love it!

  • amazing. but im horrified of monkeys. so i prob wont ever go.

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