clouds from both sides….

October 4, 2011

before it had even reached 7am yesterday, i had 5 different conversations about mr’s sun’s emergence through a cotton candy ocean of clouds.

i have the photos to prove.

what waters my mouth and honeys my hive is that all of us experienced and beheld the rising of the sun in completely different confections.

what i witnessed on the back bay was worlds apart to what hunkiest viewed from the window seat of his airplane.

different perspectives. all beautiful.

did you see yesterday’s sunrise? which of these photos is the most beautiful to you. can you pick the un-retouched one?

happy tuesday m’loves.

  • I'm really bad at the "one of these things is not like the other" but I'm gonna go with the middle one?? Xo

  • stunning ~ sunrises prior to raindrops are the best.

    #2 is my fav and did you 'enhance' #3?

  • Incredible. I didn't see the sunrise yesterday, but I saw it today, over the city, draping it in candy colors and shine.

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