they wear short short….

June 3, 2010

so sick of my long hair.

i look at these photos, and it only makes it worse….

these women rock the short lock.

so tempted to saw mine off…

i’m then quickly pulled back into reality, and remember these are supermodels and beautiful actress.


happily hiding behind my long hair

  • Danielle

    I LOVE long hair, but you have the model face and body…you could totaly pull it off Katie!!! XoXo

  • Go for it, Katie!

  • I have had a "bob" for about 6 years, and this year I finally let it grow…I feel girly and pretty and I can't wait to cut this shit off already…it's a pain in the ass to blowdry. But I think I will keep it for the summer and then….snip….back to the ol' standby.

  • Oh Katie,
    these women also have someone who styles their hair so it looks like that. If they got up at the ungodly hour we do and did what we do all day, their hair wouldn't look like that. I think you'd look incredible, however I found more styling necessary when I had short hair and just didn't have time for it.

  • William Lobdell

    do it. u wud look totally hot.

  • I'm laughing, thinking that last comment has to be your husband {or fan club}. And yes, you could totally wear short hair, but your long hair is gorgeous too! I finally bit the bullet and chopped it all off last week. Haven't figured out how to style it, but at least it's not driving me crazy any more! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo Mary Jo

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