thanksgiving came early for me over the last few days as i have been hands to my heart grateful for all the windfalls in my coaster-roll life.

a commitment to my pitiful meditation practice remains unwavering, but switching my mantra to “thank you” has turned a pull my eyelashes out, one by one-painful exercise into an indulgence i try to sneak in now twice a day.

this weekend these were the shiny, sharp objects which repeatedly received my indebted acknowledgement:

 thank you lucidity. the picture might not be what i had envisioned, but at least it’s crystal clear without any obstructions, false assumptions or ideological fantasies. how much more beautiful that view is when it’s pared down, raw and exposed as nature intended it to be. and how i love a person and a friendship that’s real and open with yummy honesty coupled with full-fledged compassion. 

thank you tata harper. your repairative moisturizer works miracles. my skin feels like jessica tandy after a dip in the pool a’ la the movie “cocoon.” best of all your potions smell so delicious, hunkiest always insists on a kiss after i’ve smothered myself in product. muchos gracias! thank you to my beloved niloofar for getting me hooked. 

thank you ben affleck. it’s been so long since i’ve seen a really good movie.

thank you closed doors. the new ones that have opened give me the “butterflies-in-my-stomach” allure of a new romance. hopefully i’ve done my work so that lessons and mistakes have been properly absorbed from past relationships and experiences, and can be applied to these latest endeavors. there’s no reason these new burgeoning opportunities can’t turn into lasting marriages.

thank you sourdough bread. for when i’d rather not talk about what’s hurting my heart.

thank you stubborn love. this heart hammering its way out of your chest anthem, got us all silly high on our spin bikes saturday morning as we pedaled furious with emotion, and cheers’d our water bottles to love, gratitude and camaraderie.

and thank YOU m’loves. thank you for comments, your facebook likes, your visits, and your light.

what are you particularly thankful for today?

monday happy to you.