poolside panache

August 20, 2010

our dear friends’ wedding closes a week’s worth of revelry and frolic.

blowouts, whiskey sours, lips o’glossy, and late night grilled cheese; all sanctioned silliness.

my partner in crime and i will be {crashing} attending the ladies luncheon today.

i’m counting on her to keep my pinky erect and my tongue less tart.

tonight a rehearsal dinner with an open mic……i’m thinking anne murray karaoke ?

tomorrow night we make merry in the marriage of great friends. i’m hoping my {stilts} heels will last.

what does you weekend filofax look like?


  • Tonight is a girls' night at the condo of a good friend. Tomorrow is showing sibling support at my brother's live action role play event. (Yes, I said live action role play. I don't know…I'll report back!) Sunday is brunch with and old friend and then the SOMETHING CORPORATE show.

  • : )

  • You are in for some fabulous fun my dear. Keep your pinky held high & belt out a some Anne M. for me. I will confined to my car in 100F friggin heat why there's an Open House for our home hoping some damn individual will come make an offer. So, for now life stands still. Could be worse, but not really.

    Have a blast Katie xx

  • Sweet Nothings

    ohh have fun!!

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