monday morning joyful to you m’loves.

my trip to utah was all-too quick.

hunkiest gave me an A+++ as “bosses wife”.

although i think i lost a couple points at the dessert bar {3 pieces of pie might have pushed the ladylike envelope a bit}. but in my defense, “dinner” wasn’t exactly vegetarian friendly. i really had no other choice but to go greg louganis into the pastries.

here are some visual snippets of my weekend:

it’s old, but this could be one of my favorite dresses of all time. a dvf, sweater frock that swishes and bells at the shins. cuckoo comfortable and twirling always ensues in this gown.

my bag of blue {mary jo matsumoto} with nails to match.

crimson shoes with bows to wrap my tired feet….all was working in my favor…


my bitch “bang” which kept wanting to hang out in my left eye all night.

come 9 o’clock, match goes to “bang”, and the ponytail makes its appearance for the rest of the night.

here i am, on sunday, very, very sad because i have to say “goodbye” to my beloved.

it was a great night. i’m crazy, sick proud of my husband. he’s a super-hero to me.

a hard worker, who cares deeply about each and every one of his employees; the kind of man who knows the names of the kids of the people he works with, from the warehouse delivery guy to the CFO.

it was a very happy weekend indeed.

so tell me m’loves, how was your weekend?