i didn’t think yesterday could get any jollier.

{it was a wonderful day for california}

but there on my doorstep as i twirled into my house was the most fantastic box o’ sweetness.

the bonny and bright melissa of reverie daydream gifted me with her blessed blue bottle coffee.

we, down south, don’t have the pleasure of this yummy, rich, organic, black love.

apparently, public tantrums are persuasive.

7pm be damned! i brewed a cup pronto. there would be no waiting until morning for me.

i savored my deep, inky wonderland to the very last drop.

my only wish was for melissa to be there to share a cup with me.

squeaks and squeals sprung when i noticed another bundle in my package?!

an exquisite alena hennessy scarf! it’s like wearing art around my neck.

if you haven’t already fallen under the spell of melissa mcardle your life is lacking.

her online boutique offers one of a kind, inspired, ethical and elegant products.

her blog ferries you to lands, times, and spaces where beauty blooms organically. she sets a tempo where life is lived gracefully and fair.

thank you dear mel. you stir the better girl in me to come out and play.