i recently came across the super soft, organic cotton lingerie and nightwear line, skin.

not overtly revealing or {i hate this word} sexy, skin’s pieces are lovely and comfortable without looking like “loungewear.”

here are a few of my favorite looks:

this cross front camisole and pleated short are perfect for summer sleeping or weekend slumming. plus you throw a ruffle at me, and i’m scrambling, hard, for my checkbook. 

i’ve always been a nightgown girl. i prefer them to pajamas which lack the proper, pre-bed twirling capability. 

chic enough for sunset cocktails, this little chemise is a sleepwear fancy i’d be happy to don during my chicken fights with mr. insomnia. 

but my very, very favorite piece, the fairest of them all, if i had to give a single rose to one item, it would be to this robe

i mean, again, you had me at ruffles.

it’s like my own, scarlet o’hara, antebellum moment the second i step out of bed….only instead of needing to wearing a giant, full petticoat underneath, one must wear a barely visible thong. 

on that note, wednesday happy to you m’loves.