calming the seas

November 9, 2010

the view from the porthole indicates smooth sailing,

but the inside of my cabin has been bumpy, sharp, and vexing.

sour-faced i stomp around, tongue ablaze, set off by the slightest:

an unmannerly citizen, an offensive dog-owner, an out-to-lunch driver.

this isn’t a hat i’m comfortable wearing.

it doesn’t flatter my face; makes me ugly, scared, and separate.

it stays aboard as i disembark today.

already the tide is hushing, and i feel sprinkles of a smile.

i think i’ll go scatter it on a sundae.



  • I know that feeling.
    Been there done
    Time to change the hat.

  • hoping you do indulge in that sundae! you can afford to–i on the other hand, have started a clean eating diet and gained 1 pound the first day! how is that possible? anyway, i wish i could send you the pic of you twirling in my new coat but i dropped my camera–hoping you're feeling better 🙂

    xo mary jo

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