not so faraway land

November 4, 2010

every morning i wake up in fairy-tale land.

don’t get me wrong;

the shires of my fanciful kingdom are also filled with death, disease, discourtesy, and deception.

yesterday, it took all of robin hood’s outlaws, and one lady in waiting to reign in my tongue; as i let someone take a favor i did for them, and twist it into a giant, ugly fat lip for me.

i could choose to dwell in darkness.

to hate, to plot, and to stew.

i never feel better though.

i’m guilty of my own bitchy, bad-mannered days, where i’m sure someone feels like giving me a lashing or two.

yet, for me bitterness fades when i try to relate to those who hurt me.

they become less big, bad wolf and more frail, weak, insecure granny;

hiding from the world beneath the covers.

someone i can relate to and love.

this ilk of living allows me to wake up in each morning in katie-land.

{sometimes with a new friend too}


  • I wanted to thank you Katie for coming out even when you were under the weather–that means even more to me, you were such a trooper! And you looked adorable twirling in the pink coat!

    Hope you start feeling better this weekend! I half-wish I could go back to bed, but heading sleep-deprived straight into the weekend now ūüôā

    p.s. please count me as a new friend {but you knew that already}!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  • did you say friend?? i am here. ; )

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