undoubtedly, we become what we envisage

~ćlaude m. bristol

a fresh, new month.

a chance to do it all so much better.

my focus sharp. locked on a tomorrow of promise and pride.

i hold the pony leashes a little tighter. i can sense the ride amping up.

i’m no lone ranger by any means.

we are all taking our own journeys.

side by side, cheek to cheek, hand in hand.

although naysayers need not apply for my rodeo.

cynical, gloomy, and downhearted drags can dribble to the side joylessly.

i envision only a future of window and light.

open to brighter days and ultimately a shinier me.

whether it be acting, teaching, blogging, or binge eating {until the cows stop producing that damn cheese},

i remain faithful to my bleeding, beating, wide open heart.

a fabulous february to you m’loves.