i’ve finally {3 months later} taken my ipad out of its box.

so now what?

{thumbs twittling}

she’s very pretty, my ipad.

pantene-hair glossy, and ultra slim fit.

but for the last couple days it’s been a rather awkward round of 1st dates:

ipad and i sitting at the table together quietly; uncomfortably avoiding each others’ stare…

the mocking piano jingle from the apple commercial bouncing up and down the keys in my brain.

{this uptempo tune has quickly morphed into a john carpenter-like halloween association for me}

aren’t i supposed to order appetizers or something for us now?

any suggestions?

you know me. i like pretty, fancy things that swish swish in the wind.

i make college boys weep with my ability to put away good food.

i also need to have my world news fix at least once an hour.

so all you tech savvy apple of my eyes, what shall i load on my lonely girl?