my style conveys my inability to grow up -alexa chung

a darling of editors and street photographers for years now, british tv personality alexa chung has yet to tire me with her quirky mix of ladylike charm and downtown edge.

never one to follow trends, miss chung blends vintage with designer duds better than most salaried stylists and richie rich, front row socials in the know.

without ever looking silly, alexa bubbles a playful wardrobe that is never inappropriate or even worse…..cute.


she also imbibes a smart, sharp london street element that renders teeth, tart and tongue.

never in get ups or worn by the clothing she’s wearing, alexa is also not one to binge on accessories;

she keeps things simple with a small handbag or tiny locket.

citing françoise hardy as her fashion inspiration, alexa manages to look relaxed and effortless {comfortable} in her choices; overt and obvious are not items in her closet.

here’s to hoping she never grows up.