Michael Stars that is…..

For all this time I thought Michael Stars was good for just yoga tees and leggings. Boy was I wrong! We just got a sparkly new boutique in the neighborhood who’s windows summoned me into a game of dress up this past weekend. HH played Richard Gere to my Julia Roberts’ whore as I tried on frock after frock. He still owed me for the empty toilet paper roll, so I settled up with these three shifts.


ok, is it just me or does that look like a baby bump? actually, i just see it as an opportunity for seconds, or a great buffet outfit.


Yummy cashmere blend dress. Mine is actually in "Hazel," but this is the only image I could find. And my breasts are much smaller than this too.....by the way.


Short, short I know. I definitely will be loading up on the thigh dancing this month, and hopefully the 6th bag Halloween candy will stay unopen until Halloween. I write this with a mouth full of nachos.

But perfect dresses to match my new favorite nail polish:

OPI Over The Taupe

OPI Over The Taupe

And my old favorite Isaac Mizrahi for Target Mary Janes!!!:IMG_0439