so i’m shooting an infomercial today. the details are vague to say the least.

i was told it’s “fitness” related.

the audition consisted of a mere photograph taken of my person and face.

let’s speculate what’s in store.

cowboy is very hip these days, no? everyone’s trying to get their true grit on. maybe my pilates pelvic tilting skills will come in handy on dem der’ saddle.

perhaps i’ll luck out and get a mini maui vacation with the hawaii chair .

if you can sit, you can get fit!!

slim suit! message to woman at 0:25 trust me you don’t that dress to fit honey.

um…i think this ‘three-minute miracle’ can also get you pregnant.

i’ll need a giant clause in my contract if this is today’s product.

and i know this really isn’t fitness, but go-girl can be used in conjunction with fitness endeavors.

at least with ‘go-girl’ i’ll stop taking life…..sitting down.