carry on my wayward soldier

June 28, 2011

you ever just know you’re going to have one of those days?

those days where you just know you’re going to find yourself face down in the bottom of a bag of kettle corn, licking the last remnants of salt, sugar and the wounds of the day.

the kind of the day where all you want to do is put your flannel lanz nightgown back on, hide under your laura ashley sheets, watch ally mcbeal reruns until you too, along with portia, courtney and calista, develop an eating disorder; and then afterward, get all “ironic” and emo with old alanis c.d’s.

that kind of day?

tis the day i’m about to have. i can smell its prelude. but instead of black flying my chardonnay, i’m strapping on my boots, and facing this mutha head on. there will be no unisex bathroom in my future today.

tuesday happy m’loves.

  • Sweet Nothings

    ugh yes. minus I eat funfetti frosting out of the jar.

    man i'm gross

  • You may only have this kind of day because you already passed your amazing day on to me…thanks for this morning…you made mine!!! XoXo

  • I just checked out the ally video…I can't believe how young they all look! I've been having that kind of week, with summer flu, flannel pajamas and an inability to say no to ice cream…hope yours is over! i'm still in bed–blek!

    xo Mary Jo

  • I LOVED Ally McBeal, and that unisex bathroom was hilarious. So it seems every Monday is a Ally McBeal Monday for this gal. I need to change my 'tude' and think like this pixie cut blonde cutie and dream of fields of green and daffodils edged in white picket. I'll give this a go coming this coming Monday! Hell..I'll try anything. Your attitude far surpasses mine. xo xo

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