one or the other

August 4, 2011


or hair?

they both are filthy, both are in dire need of a washing.

i only have time for one, and yes my hair takes just as much time as a trip to the car wash.

which should get the bath today?

where do you weigh in m’loves?

  • i vote car but mostly because i am in dire need of a car wash right now. i'm living vicariously through you! ha!

  • My shorn locks take 3 minutes to blow dry. (Any more time, and I know it's time for a cut!) I get my car washed while teaching class at The 'Nox. It's all about convenience and time management for moi. Fortunately, my hubby loves my hair short, and the car wash dude always seems to have time for "one more."

  • Neither!!! Go to the beach instead : )

  • Stepahnie


  • It was hair for me…lots of big curls too…cound have gotten a FULL detail on my dirty white car in less time!

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