as i type this i have an ice pack in pretty much every nook & cranny of my person.

tuesday i got pound™-ed, and hard.

a new fitness class, using just 1lb drum sticks {ripstix™} and your own body weight, pound™ is a total body workout, designed to “put the fun back into fitness.”

the music, loud and heart-thumping, kicks you into a doable choreographed routine of banging floors, rapping ripstix™, shaking your bum, and oh yes…..lunging, squatting, bridging, twisting, and jumping {hello hamstrings!!!}.

created by drummers and fitness aficionados, kirsten potenza and cristina peerenboom, pound™ is a high energy, kick-ass class where you truly unleash your inner rock star. give the girl a set a sticks and our typically, yogic, bambi-eyed instructor, angela leigh, morphed into a rockin’, groovin’ gwen stefani looking for bambi’s mother!

i’m not lying. ten minutes into class, i was sheila-effing-E, glamorous life’ing all OVER that gym floor.

mmm. hmm. snap, SNAP bitches.

although today i feel more like sheila e’s crippled grandmother. i’m not very big on the cross-training. spin, yoga, pilates, coreplay™,  a little run here and there….those are my go-to’s. pound™ definitely taught me i need to branch out of my exercise bucket.

 pound™  is offered at the west hollywood equinox and starting this month will debut at the newport beach equinox.

the class will soon spread throughout the country.

keep updated on their happenings here.

thursday happy m’loves.