santa baby…..

November 29, 2011



have. to. have.

what’s on your christmas list this year?


  • It looks lovely! I have not been able to make up my mind about what to wear for the upcoming holidays–tux or dress, and I splurged for the past 3 weeks and bought an entire new wardrobe, so I probably shouldn't buy anything…but I want….

    Hope you are well dear friend,
    xo Mary Jo

  • I'm hoping for an extra 2 hours on the clock so I have time to do something decadent for myself

    • goodniteirene

      decadent as in scrambled eggs with truffle butter?
      or decadent as in scalp massage?

  • You Silver. Me Gold. Dance Party ALT!

    • goodniteirene

      i\’m shimmying my shoulders just thinking about it….
      shimmy to the right….shimmy to the left…..

  • I just want to have a warm and fuzzy time with my family…..
    Maybe some leisure time, doing nothing… Cooking, drinking, shopping, reading…..


    • that sounds heavenly…..i would love to have a day of nothing…..
      reading anything good? i'm in a rut..
      thanks for stopping by the blog.

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