shoes that is….

as much as i’d love to say my dietary choice to shun all things four-legged and faced are because i’m just that health conscious, i can’t. if it weren’t for the fact that it’s eating an animal i’d be face down in a pile of slow-roasted pork 23-hours-a-day…..i’d save the final hour for chicken tacos. i love the taste of meat. but too many videos, articles and books have turned this bleeding heart animal lover into a terrible dinner guest. even my once, go-to order, fish, is now an emergency only ruling. and it looks like cheese is the next victim to have been cut from the pageant of foods that make me go: ohmyfriggingosh!thisisthemostdeliciousbitei’veeverhad!!!  we performed a small funeral over the weekend for my buratas, humboldt fogs and manchegos, i was devastated, but my outfit was at least cute. 

let me be clear: i couldn’t care less how others around me eat. this is solely my choice. hunkiest had a rib eye steak showdown last friday night, and i’m still cleaning grizzly remnants of the tasty meat from the ceiling fans, windows and chandelier. my only stickler point is that he buy his meat from small, grass-fed, pasteur-raised farms, which he does. 

the way i eat, it’s really rather hard for me to justify buying leather shoes and handbags. i try to mainly carry canvas and nylon, but i’ve slipped a bunch this year…i blame miu miu and sergio rossi.

i am super happy to find mink!

mink is a brand of cruelty-free, high-end, fashionable shoes. mink shoes are favorites with celebrity vegans such as natalie portman, anne hathaway, carrie underwood, and olivia wilde. rebecca mink, a california native and animal lover, was frustrated with the lack of cruelty free, vegan shoes offered in the marketplace. as a result she created beautiful merchandise with italian engineering and green products {recycled hardware or plant-based ingredients such as a glue that far outlasts non-vegan glue} so high quality one would never think they were wearing a “synthetic” material shoe.

i love mink’s attention to craftsmanship. just like a manolo or atwood, you feel like you’re getting a piece of artwork on your foot. 

mink shoes are currently on sale at…..a great site for cruelty free shopping, where another vegan shoe brand i love, olsen haus goes on sale quite a bit too. 

happy feet m’loves.