it’s chilly-billy in my neck of the woods. i can’t seem to stay warm.

but then again, i was cold in 95 degree costa rica. picture me on the beach, wrapped in a bathrobe, towel and sweatpants….accessorized with goosebumps.

super sexy, bikini babe.

lucky for me these boot socks are on the way!

are they not the cutest?

called, the lacey daisy, they’re from sienna’s closet etsy shop, and i’m cuckoo crazy for them.

i also plan to bring the leg-warmer back into fashion with these babies….{although was it REALLY ever out of style?}

the chevron weave made extra fancy with an ivory woven ribbon; i can just feel a twirl coming on.

my entire christmas morning outfit will be worked around this stinking leg apparel.

if only they made them in beast.

not only do these cozy socks keep your feet super, crazy cozy, but see how cute they look peering out your boots too!

win! win!

so good!!