and POOF!!! they’re everywhere!!!

January 12, 2010

first time i saw them (ali wentworth’s home in elle decor) i swooned. i mean how perfect?! pretty much a tailored beanbag right? i coveted my own ginormous lilac pouf. i fantasized crossing my ladylike ankles (fantasy here people) atop said leathered fancyball, relishing my luck in scoring the birkin bag of the decor world.

at first it was nice to see (every once in a while) what people were doing with their razzle-dazzle hued spheres.

yet, to my dismay it seems as if there is a new epidemic on the rise. swine flu is no longer the virus to fear my loves. pouf flu is now taking over the households across america, and we need to stop it!

the collage pouf. really????? i don't want a frame of paper mache', let alone a mishmosh in the middle of my den. i'd rather make a mess on the floor, and not clean it up. more fun.

the fishnet pouf

the "ribbed for her pleasure" pouf

1950's shower cap pouf

the pac-man pouf. ladies if your man likes this you have full grounds for divorce.

the "i've got stomach flu, and i used the toilet for vomiting, and the living room for something else." pouf

see?! they're multiplying like a plague!!! growing exponentially!! taking over our world!!

this WAS a sweet sheep grazing grass on a farm. until he was infected with pouf flu, now the poor lamb sits in a west elm catalog. (sigh)

so it’s up to us my friends. we must stand strong and fine feathered against  this leathered nudge. let us be independent in our interior design endeavors.


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  • HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my! This is terrible. I now solemnly vow that I will remain a "pouf" free household til death do us part. Amen. Mazel Tov.

  • This is hilarious Katie, I thought it was just me. Originally tried to bring home 2 white leather poufs from the Shabby Chic in Fashion Island when I first moved down here…then had to think about it. I thought I was the only one who thought those patchwork and crochet poufs were just hideous–so glad I'm not alone!!

    p.s. So glad to know that you're a perfume lover–yay!
    btw, did you ever get your shirt? Hoping you did, but let me know if you didn't!!


  • What….the….hell….is that deflated sofa/wall ornament thingy???? Do people pay for that? Why put your feet up if it's only an extra 3" off the floor? And that fishnet poof looks like shit in a net! Yuck! I am joining the anti poof movement!


  • do you ever want to comment, like, on fifty posts in a row but you keep getting error messages?!

    yeah. me, aussi.

    poufs. yes. and are those your legs at the football match? SERIOUSLY?! THOSE LEGS?!

    i am shouting. and i am sorry about that. truly. but JESUS CHRIST THOSE LEGS!

    aargh. later.

  • Ah, it's the old school pouf you need. I grew up with a black leather pouf with a cow hide top on it. Leather all worn and in need of a polish, and the seams going. Squashy enough for a comfy feet seat, and firm enough for a spare stool when the house was full. That was the pouf of poufs. None of these new fandangled 'aren't i the bees knees' high fashion wannabees.

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