friday happiest to you m’loves!

have you heard about the southern california winds? they’ve been ferocious and super exciting to hear at night.

the last two mornings it’s been a game between the beast & i over what we’re going to find toppled and tumbled to the opposite side of the yard. it’s as if a mighty, mischievous giant is using our patio pieces and trees as chess pieces on his neighborhood-size game board.

checkmate giant.

what’s in your tote for this weekend?

i have a micro-trip to utah saturday afternoon. hunkiest’s company is having their holiday party.

this will be my first appearance ever as wife of the boss, so my behavior must be on its best.

{giant gulp}

will this be a weekend of propriety for you too? or will you be channeling your, more fun, inner scamp?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.