“i’d be safe in warm, if i was in l.a.” ~mamas and the papas

friday toasty to you m’loves. we are finally cooling down from a glorious 84 degree high yesterday. for all my bellyacheing over the plastic ken dolls and the pill popping housewives that populate my county of orange, i have to admit, even this trench coat loving, let’s-get-the-scarves-out-in-august-because-that’s-when-the-september-issues-arrive girl fell hard for ceiling fans and flip-flops last night.

already though it has cooled down. that’s the beauty of our california lass, she won’t over salt miss january with too much heat and parch…any day now i expect a deluge of rain and fog; wellies and wool mittens to ensue mais oui.

weekend happy to all. i can’t wait to see you on the other side of sunday.