on such a winter’s day…..

January 6, 2012

“i’d be safe in warm, if i was in l.a.” ~mamas and the papas

friday toasty to you m’loves. we are finally cooling down from a glorious 84 degree high yesterday. for all my bellyacheing over the plastic ken dolls and the pill popping housewives that populate my county of orange, i have to admit, even this trench coat loving, let’s-get-the-scarves-out-in-august-because-that’s-when-the-september-issues-arrive girl fell hard for ceiling fans and flip-flops last night.

already though it has cooled down. that’s the beauty of our california lass, she won’t over salt miss january with too much heat and parch…any day now i expect a deluge of rain and fog; wellies and wool mittens to ensue mais oui.

weekend happy to all. i can’t wait to see you on the other side of sunday.



  • Even as an Az native, Ca has always felt like home, because that’s where all my family’s from and most still live there. There’s something about the air that just makes me feel home. All of the sunny fun of Az and none of the heatstroke.

  • Fab photos – I would take all the ken dolls and housewives for a bit of heat baby. Wearing my ski jacket inside and my UGG boots (and have got the heating on). But no snow in Tahoe! What in the world is going on…poltegeists again?

    • goodniteirene

      this heat is getting a little reeee-dickulous. methinks it's why southern californians are such bozos….all the sun compromises brain cell activity.
      your trip to new zealand has inspired MAJOR wanderlust in this girl's wannabe Hunter Boots {i have cheap Target knock-offs}.

  • happy new year, katie!

    as much as i hate to admit it, this winter heat has been nice! lots of outdoor time in the sun for us 🙂 i just looked at the weather for the next 10 days and it's still going to be sunny! i kinda need one good fog day too. just one!

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