monday sweetness to you m’loves….

did the weekend refill your happy bucket?

mine is brim-full of peace.

picture perfect, postcard weather cushioned us through saturday and sunday as i caught up with friends, work, sleep and laundry.

sunday morning my darling friend alexei, a hostess like no other, dazzled us lucky ones with a slightly impromptu, springtime brunch.

there’s something about a brunch that rouses the inner lady in me. suddenly my posture reaches neutral, and my skirt finds a petticoat. brunch is such a civilized way to break bread.

erectly seated, we dine at brunch, we don’t eat. and rarely does the conversation turn tabloid or banal. it’s more of a lively, jazz hand chat circle of fancy words, ideas and laughter—at least in katie-land.

yet, all that propriety went out the door when i spied the mrs. butterworths syrup bottle….cue the starving, rabid dog in a locked up pit, with its eye on the one piece of juicy steak….

i love mrs. butterworths syrup. it reminds me of sleepovers from when i was a kid {the ones where i actually stayed and didn’t have my parents come pick me up….a whole ‘nother post}. it’s crazy sweet and sugary…..the lucky charms of syrups….and gives you a stomach and toothache post consumption, but i suck it down like dehydrated desert camel.

yesterday i practically had my own bowl of mrs. butterworths; luckily the guests were so busy eating all of the other delicious food they didn’t seem to notice.

in addition to waffles, we ate egg cupcakes, yes you read that correctly, cupcakes of eggs, pesto, & tomatoes- can i get a “woo to the hoo”?

we also gorged on a scrumptious concoction of quinoa, cinnamon and greek yogurt, accompanied with the freshest berries in town.

for drinks there was the requisite champagne, juice, bubble water for me and the piece de resistance: ritual cleanse juices as mixers!

this group of girls loves their ritual cleanse juices….even if mixed with champagne…

it was a lovely morning for all.

well, except for dublin….{no boys allowed}.

i was well fed for one of the longest days yet of pilates training…..does anyone have a wheelchair i can borrow?

so tell me m’loves….what curled your toes jubilant this weekend passed?