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April 5, 2012

hello my angels! how is the week treating you?

i need your help. so maybe you remember…..a couple of weeks ago i did a little print work for my ultra-talented, insanely-gorgeous friend, mary jo matsumoto, as she shot her ss12 handbag campaign.

the bags are just too drop-dead foxy for me to decide which one to get.

which one do you like the best?

bag #1: the balboa shopper…:”chalk-white” with a brilliant turquoise strap. i shrieked when i saw this bag come out. it’s the perfect white for spring and summer, and i’m not sure i can live without it.

bag #2: thalia streetthe bag that literally goes with EVERYTHING. mary jo, herself, carries this bag and the queen of chic looks even more it with this bag. that perfect, understated stripe of turquoise screams, “buy me”, every time she wears it. 

bag #3: the crystal cove. another toe-touch moment for katie. mary jo brought this mint lambskin and sea-foam patent leather tote out for viewing and all my marbles {the three that were left} were lost. inspired by our beautiful southern california coast, and ultra timely with the pastel pretty we’re seeing in the ss12 palette, it will be hard not to opt for this baby slung over my shoulder.

something else to note if you haven’t already, and one of my favorite aspects of mary jo’s bags: her linings. the lining of her bags is as exquisite as the exterior. notice her signature magical mind lining here in crystal cove. not only is it beautiful but the microfiber is so baby soft, i can throw my phone, sunglasses, my watch, etc without ever worrying about a scratch. i wish she made bedding. 

bag #4: the bowler: ritz cove.

 inspired by the bright colors of surf wear mary jo sometimes photographs at ritz cove, this bag is the ultimate balance of modern hip and ladylike elegance. just writing the description is stair-stepping it up as my favorite bag.

bag #5 the bowler: pch. just like her sister, the ritz cove, the pch bowler is the perfect size to carry your day-to-day needs. the pch bowler carries this gorgeous, celestial print from alex weinstein, an artist and surfer, who paints ocean landscapes exhibited in the Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art, the Laguna Art Museum, as well as worldwide. how lovely is this bag? 

bag #6: the trestles soft tote. i have to emphasize the word soft here. these bags are heavenly, velvety soft. the leather is like a fleecy blanket. during our shoot {yes that’s me in these photos} i kept resting my heavily made-up face and cheek {much to mary jo’s dismay i’m sure} on the downy bags. this trestles bag is in a take-your-breath-away blue with the prettiest apple green stripe. 

and then again, check out the cozy, micro-fiber lining……perfection.

bag #7: the newport harbor soft tote. ok, the final bag up for my judges. i’m trying not to be swayed by the name {i live in newport…}….BUT, in my opinion, this IS the fairest softest of all. an all-year-round bag for sure, i tried to sneak out with this one, but mary jo’s cat, lady jane, caught me. it’s a must see in person bag: red on top, cream in the middle, and navy on the bottom….can i get a “holla if ya hear me?”

i have barely scratched the surface here….there are still her gorgeous clutches too.

so tell me m’loves, what’s your favorite?

thursday happy to you!

  • I scrolled down the page and then glided back up, then down again. Get it? Those are some seriously beautiful bags. Sorry. Hands down you should take them all and, for good measure, perhaps you should snag one of the Thalia Clutches. Lucky Girl! Fun choices.

  • Katie, I'm laughing as I read this…your dear hunkiest husband is going to roll his eyes! {Although he was sweet enough to spare you for the shoot on one of your rare days together, so I am forever indebted to him!} Hmmm, I really do think the Newport Harbor bag is a fit for your active/chic Newport lifestyle AND will also be very stylish when you go to NYC this summer…just saying. Thanks so much for your lovely post!!!

    xo Mary Jo

  • I love love love the Thalia Street bag, but I'm always drawn to brown, what I like about this one besides the shape and size is the subtle touch of aqua in it, otherwise if I'm on a rare adventurous mood, the Newport Harbor bag would be the one, at the end you can't go wrong with any of them!

  • LindseyRichard

    Gorgeous pictures of beautiful bags and a stunning lady;)! I love the Ritz Cove and Newport Harbor…but to be honest would take any if them happily…although I admit to a devilish time keeping whites/creams clean when I carry them constantly!

  • Bowler Ritz Cove followed by the Balboa Shopper. Although you can't really go wrong with and from this group.

  • Oh my gosh – they are aweSOME. The bowler and the sea one are my favourites and the white one and….

  • Newport or PCH for my vote, which did you go with?

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