we all have them….those products you love so much that you’re scraping every last goopy bit out of the jar.

and as much as the fancy, marketed ads and promises of new potions and lotions catch your eye and maybe even your one-time pocket-book, you still come back to your tried and true.

i have many of these. especially on my bathroom vanity.

sure i have other stuff i use and i likeoilsserumstonicsbalms etc….but they don’t get my full exclusivity.

today i share with you my bottom of the jar products:

for morning cleanser and for evening cleanser i always come back to boscia. they are hands down the best. i actually go through the oil version faster. it feels like it gets my face cleaner and makes my skin feel cashmere soft. and nothing works better to remove make up.

 i’m also a sucker for andalou naturals. their probiotic + c moisturizer is the first face cream i have consistently used in my entire life. i notice a dull difference when i forget to use this product. i also book a twice a week date with their enzyme mask. it’s especially useful if i have an event or night out with hunkiest. this mask gets my skin sparkly and enlivened.

 another must is this soothing, hydrating cactus mask by mychelle. this is definitely a WONDER product. i love throwing this baby on my face, getting into the bath tub, and letting nature take its course. it smells divine and feels like a mini-facial.

like the hundreds of thousands, i too, am a devotee to c e ferulic for my anti-oxidant use. everyday after washing my face this juice goes on, and since then i have noticed a major difference in my pigmentation. 

 this eye cream is the product which has been with me the longest on the list. i’m an eye cream fiend. it’s probably the product i buy most of. i’m always on the hunt for something to top annemarie borlind, but i have yet to find it. it’s super creamy and the only product to ever feel like it completely moisturizes my eyes.

of course…every night….pea-size….mixed with moisturizer. given.

my holy grail sunscreen. this and my eye cream are probably my desert island items. i slather my elta md on all day long. i love the non-feel of this sunscreen. i can even drench my face in it right before teaching spin class {i sometimes get sun rays where i teach} and it feels like i have a completely naked face. i apply it all the way up into my eyelashes, and i’ve never had it sting or burn {zero chemicals}.

i’m on quick ship with this sunscreen because i go through it so often.

so there you have them: my work horses, my bottom of the jar, trustworthy products.

tell me m’loves, what are YOUR bottom of the jar products?