angel kisses

July 20, 2010

kinda not hating on my freckles these days….

when i was young and not so fancy on my freckly face; my aunt charla told me my spots were merely kisses from the angels above. i had a smattering of specks so this narrative helped me out of some angst- ridden, adolescent hiding.

this is also the aunt who told me thunder and lightning is the sound of dead nuns and priests bowling strikes in heaven.


  • sweetnothings04

    Always wanted freckles! And red hair, and glasses

  • hahaha, charla.

  • auntie char

    Seems to me, I was the only adult in the family who told you the real truth! No hiding behind the tooth fairy or Santa Claus myths! Though I do regret telling you the monsters under your bed were real.
    That might have caused an extra year or two of therapy.

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