weekend happy to you m’loves.

can you believe miss may is almost half past her tee time?

how do you plan to wrangle your saturday and sunday free?

yesterday i had my face zapped by oc’s fabulous age eraser, francine oca.

i swear by this woman’s trickery with the laser. the results are sans pareil; with one strike of her wand, age spots and wrinkles begone!

but, one must deal with the torrid, scaby vestiges of dead skin of yore as they hold on for dear life, and unhurriedly fall off my face, revealing virginal, melasma free skin.

the next couple of days i must wrap my meatball face in shrouds of covertness; there are other people to consider.


on saturday and sunday i hope to lotte berk and pilates my extra birthday weight off of these thighs.

last week’s celebration most definitely had a pastry theme; and my j brands are feeling it.

one of the many tasty sweets i received was a tupperware full of homemade, buttercream, vanilla frosting.

t’would be rude not to finish, no?

my mother taught me better than that…

speaking of mothers, on sunday afternoon i plan to tack on any lost weight with a giant mother’s day brunch.

we are going big with a decadent buffet…

cue the rocky music….

the forecast is for sunny, blue skies, both literally and figuratively.

nothing like a cerulean ocean view and poufy skirt to complete a beautiful weekend.

i can’t think of a better combo bite.

and, of course, our weekend would not be complete without…. game of thrones.

are you as obsessed as we are?

are you sucked into veep too?

so ring me a riddle of your weekend desires m’loves….

see you on the other side of sunday.