what i’m thankful for?

November 24, 2011

need i say more?

wishing you and everyone you love, the ones who make you smile, those who send you into fits of giggles, them who make you cry lovely, heart tugging tears, and the few who take your breath away, a thanksgiving happy.

you do all of that for me m’loves.

oodles of chinese noodles of love to you!


  • I adore you Katie! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! xo

    • goodniteirene

      misha!! oh prettiest misha with eyes so pretty the giraffes get jealous! love you gorgeous, hilarious girl! happy thanksgiving doll-face {literally}.

  • I am thankful to have YOU in my life…..

    • goodniteirene

      niloorfar! you beautiful lady! i love you so much my face hurts from smiling sometimes. wishing you the most fabulous thanksgiving. i will be missing you this saturday. i am incredibly grateful to have you in my life.

  • Thankful for you in more ways then you know. Hope your enjoying your holiday!! xoxo

  • Hoe you had a filling (with both food and grace) Thanksgiving, my dear!

  • This is beautiful and I am so right there with you hunnie…so glad you had a beautiful holiday and oh, curious how you are liking " The dove keepers"? I need a new great book! 🙂

    • goodniteirene

      thank you sweetest!
      on \”dovekeepers\”~ i\’m not wild about it……but plowing through so i can get to \”art of fielding\” which i hear is great.

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