let’s get NAKED & TOASTED!

June 25, 2013


i can’t contain my secret anymore. these 3 urban decay products, courtesy of my beloved and dearest friend, john p., are causing me to bounce up and down like a cracked out cricket, very similar to the way john and i spaz out on our spin bikes anytime a ke$ha song comes on….COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!” 

the new naked 2 palette has 12 of the dopest taupes you’ll ever need for your eyes. truly the last eyeshadow case you’ll ever buy. these shades let you play up any look in makeup artist playbook: you can go uber-natural, glamour-girl pretty, or super hooker sexy. 

and no mom, this is NOT my hooker look. 

this is the first eyeshadow palette where i actually use every single shade in the compact. 



another new weapon in my arsenal to fight father time and his personal wrinkle war on my face is urban decay’s naked skin beauty balm. oil-free, with Pepha®-Protect to shield skin from dna damage, this tube of wonder also contains vitasource™ and dGlyage® which both protect and benefit the skin’s texture, elasticity, and provide anti-aging properties.

um? sign me up for auto-ship please.

AND….AND….AND…the best part: this stuff has these “optical blurring pigments” that makes you look like you’ve been photo-shopped, but in a not wearing tons of makeup way. you put this on your face, and it’s like an amazing james cameron movie; suddenly your pores and freckles and lines have been pixelated over. 


when it comes to bronzer i am the BIGGEST snob. i’ll admit it. i judge you by how you treat your waiter and what kind of bronzer you wear. 

it’s not that a bronzer needs to be a certain brand or price-i don’t think it matters, what counts is the color-and, in my opinion, most bronzers suck.

99% of the bronzers should be pulled off the shelves or at least re-marketed as face paint, tribal markings, and or tattoos. 

i was shocked, SHOCKED i tell you, to discover urban decay’s baked bronzer in toasted, that is their matte finish version, to be a lovely, natural golden glow. just a little is all you need, and it’s the perfect copper tone {literally} circa 1984 before we all knew better and were sunning our faces with ban de soleil and tin foil.

so there you have it…..my three summer pick me ups…

tuesday happy to you.

love you john! 

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5 things i learned this weekend….

June 3, 2013

here are 5 things i learned this weekend, but first:


monday morning holy crap game of thrones??!?!!  to you m’loves.

and that is the last i will say.

but oh. sweet. baby jesus i can’t help myself. 


other than reaffirming that G.O.T. is one of the most satisfying shows evah! i was also encouraged that my distaste for reading fantasy fiction has served me well; actually it’s not so much a distaste, but i just don’t think i’m smart enough for said genre. think of all the people you know who read fantasy. they’re usually much smarter than you and i, yes? typically they’re the bearded types who work at the genuis bar, find the huffington post trite, and get multiple graduate degrees on the side. just. for. fun. 

 teaching pilates precludes me from reading anything with hobbits, or cauldrons, and witches, and my “just for fun” involves a peanut butter jar, 2 hours and a spoon…and if i’m lucky…the huffington post {style section-duh?}


and how sad i would have been last night, had i already known what was going to happen had i read the book. see? once again, i re-learned my imbecilic and ignorant predispositions oblige my depthless nature. 

{if you did see last night’s episode this is a pretty funny watch….otherwise do NOT watch it…spoiler….hysterical clips of others reacting to the episode.}


the second lesson i learned: pedialyte cures a hangover…not that i had a hangover, but last week i took the moratorium off my not so strict no-booze policy. one cucumber martini down, and i was in a heated debate with my menu over what to do with the syria problem. i don’t remember which stance i took, but by the end of the argument my waiter did say i could keep my menu.

advantage katie.


#3: according to harper’s bazaar i, a woman in her 30′s, should be “diving deep” into the color coral.

i’m confused. last issue i was supposed to keep “frosty blue cool” in my thirties-as if i being in this decade, no longer able to sport the “dashes of yellow” those fetus’ in their 20′s frolic around in, was some type of penance.

but coral? where am i? boca raton? no thank you.  


can’t i please buy some sort of disneyland fast pass to my 70′s? i’ve been reading this magazine since i was 13 and these rock-stars in their 70′s with their wicked smart wardrobes have always wiped the floor with these stupid, young twits in their 60′s, 50′s, 40′s, 30′s & 20′s.

the takeaway: dressing your age can sometimes make you look sillier than dressing too young for your age. 


last week my car and my face went in for their 5,000 mile maintenance check-up. the prius just needed her tires rotated; my face required numbing cream, a signed waiver, and 2 days of hiding, which i chose to ignore-much to the general public’s distress.

after my magician {aka francine oca} was finished with me, my mug really did look like a toyota mechanic had taken a tire iron repeatedly to all sides of my skull. but really it was just a little zap from an ipl machine and her new pixel laser to render me monster-mash contestant worthy for the weekend.


not surprisingly hh isn’t a fan of my forrays into scabs, peels and blisters; especially at the dinner table when he’s trying to mow down copper river salmon. i tried to win him over whence, during one of the many hours i stood in front of the mirror this weekend, looking for signs of my former youth to reappear, only to find evidence of my un-sunscreened senior trip to puerta vallarta freckle its way onto my cheeks, i grabbed my hunkiest so that he, too, could enjoy in my farewell to discoloration and uneven texture of yore on my forehead, cheeks and chin. 

bless him. he played along. 

he looked.

he looked hard at my face.

with intent.


oh yeah? i see. those lines under your eyes? those will go away too? 

NOT the commentary i was looking for!

who the fuck said anything about my eyes?

so lesson #4: my husband thinks i need a eye lift!


lesson #5 : and this is my favorite one; no matter what i look like, when it’s time for sleeping, my girl loves me and needs me close; preferably with my mouth shut.


ok darlings, i showed you mine….now you show my yours. what did you learn this weekend?

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currently diggin”

March 20, 2013

here are a few of the latest novelties greasing my squeaky wheels.


ok. typically i’m good at always having my toolkit loaded; although not a costco member i do backstock most of my household and beauty items so that i’m never in a crispy crunch running around the house searching for paper towels {which we are only allowed to use in an emergency-but that’s a whole ‘nother post.}

so it was very unlike me to run out of face soap two weeks ago, where i found myself using shampoo, which we know NEVER gets any love around here, instead.

not up to schlepping it to the mall, i scurried over to my grocery store {mother’s market} and discovered the best wash for my dirty mug…..and my face.

john masters organics rose foaming wash is such a great find. just the scent alone is worth buying. but it’s the solid, sudsy lather that i find so damn satisfying when i wash the day off of my face. i know! i know! i know the non-lathering soaps get me just as clean, but psychologically i want to see bubbles damn it.

bubbles aplenty, all organic, AND the bottle is recyclable. yay me.


another new obsession is definitely a product i now slot in the holy grail category. soapwalla’s deodorant cream is hands and feet down the best deodorant on the market.

i hope most of you are like me and wary of mainstream deodorants and anti-perspirants. the ingredients in most of these products read like a who’s who at a disease causing toxin and chemical convention. the aluminum and parabens that make up most deodorants have been linked to breast cancer, alzheimer’s disease, and kidney cancer.

i’ll pass.

soapwalla is so natural  {also vegan & cruelty free} it’s safe enough to eat. but please don’t, that would be kind of gross. made with vegetable powders, clays, peppermint and tea-tree oils, this easy to apply “frosting” is colorless, keeps you dry, and makes your underarms smell like they went to the dentist even after your sweatiest bikram session. for both men and women, you need to stop what you are doing and immediately order this stuff now.


and i cannot get enough of this song! damn, mister timberlake you git me. my classes are certainly going to be getting a lot of this tune. 

save for the song, all of these products and many other recommendations are on my luvocracy site. if you haven’t signed up for luvocracy yet, check it out. it’s the shopper’s guide to pinterest. i was even interviewed by them last month. i’m officially a “fitness pundit,”—–how cool is that? 

so there it is: my mid-march madness picks. 

what are you currently diggin’ m’loves?

~all photos by me

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breathe out

November 20, 2012

sunday morning prior to the rooster’s cock-a-doodle, the hunkiest and i were riding shotgun down the 101 highway for our annual thanksgiving trek up north.

my favorite vacation ever, a tradition that goes back to my years in the single digits, our thanksgiving trip to pebble beach is like no other experience for me.

one part nostalgia: my safest, happiest, hands up in the air, twirling without a care in the world, usually with my dad filming, childhood memories all seem to swerve back to “pebble”.

two parts visual magnificence: asia, europe, the tropical paradises of the world, none of them hold a candle, in my opinion to the beauty of this grand coast line. my keg of god replenished on these visits; even on the years when i’m indifferent on the whole existence of that grander good.

even the seven hour drive is a treat. the roads were hudson river school inspired. a mixture of stormy grey thunder clouds, doused with wicked cerulean skies, and an indecisive, coy sun that, at times, made the hills come alive with hues of lime and green apple.

the holiday season officially commenced with my first grande bold of the year in a big, red cup!

with coffee in hand, we jingle bell’d our way down the highway.

our tenor and soprano sang back up on the fa-la-lahs, and did a brutal “away in the manger.”

during the concert intermission we supplemented the silence with more coffee and books on c.d. 

ken follet’s fall of the giants is a highly entertaining, historical fiction novel spanning early 20th century europe and north america as the world’s super powers come to battle in the first world war. 

while not the most cerebral of novels, camus it’s not, it’s the perfect book to listen to on a drive. i’m digging the elements from high school history that i forgot, and the fun, soap opera-like bits of intrigue and romance hook you in, both men and women. 

due to the caffeine stops, canine breaks, and overall dawdling attitude of our drive there was no record time made. but we did make it to property before our daily sunset walk.

let the exhalation begin. 

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girl crush

June 5, 2012

our next installment of the girl crush series goes to a glowing beauty, jena roghair, my friend for over a decade.

jena, sister to anna and co-partner of heavy petal flowers, also owns the green room: san clemente’s non-stop shop for waxing, superb facials, tyler rose bikinis and all your epicuren product needs. in addition, she also leads the charge at home with handsome, devoted husband chad, and her two crazy, adorable boys, jude & taj.

let’s get to know this wonderful, stunning girl, whom i adore:

name 5 bottom of the jar products?

epicuren x-treme cream spf 45, epicuren kukui after bath moisturizer, epicuren ultima peptide, epicuren colostrum, and trish mc evoy lash curling mascara.

who is your style icon and why?

that would be P!NK! i love her kick ass attitude and style that blends femininity, rock & roll, and classy sass into one. plus i like her no fuss, i don’t give a shit if you don’t like my outfit or hair.

what is your spring fashion must have item?

a few tyler rose bikinis.

 finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

 my tweezers! love me some red light tweezing time! 

what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

LOVE YOURSELF and don’t be afraid to be truly LOVED! get rid of that bad attitude towards yoga: start stretching your ass off NOW!

 what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like? 

 mo ho trip!  i’d love to load up my wild boys, dog, bikes and boards and hit the road: san elijo, refugio, ventura, big sur, yosemite!  

give me your 5 deserted island items….people and things?

 my boys (chad, jude and taj), wine, iPad, epicuren sport spf 30, my pillow.

seriously jena, you do not stop. in addition to dominating the orange county floral industry with heavy petal flowers, you also own the green room,….all the tighter, clearer, firmer faces throughout southern california have you to thank; at the end of the day, you have the energy to keep up with your two handsome boys, taj & jude, and you and chad just celebrated a big anniversary, how do you do it all?  

chad and i have been married for 10 years. he was the BEST decision i have ever made! chad allows me to pursue my passions and he’s very understanding of my spazzy self!  

when it comes to my businesses and juggling them plus a family, i attribute fun, passion and love to my endeavors. heavy petal and the green room are so different that they truly compliment my style and energy into a perfect balance. i love working with flowers and my sister, anna. anna and is so creative and can see the big picture. i’m more intricate, the bouquet gal! the green room is my passion!!! i have the BEST clients and adore what i do for them. i have to thank epicuren for all of it’s amazing products that helps keep my clients and me to stay dewy, fresh and sun protected!  i also have an online company called skincareroom.com that ships EPICUREN for freeeeee!

my cherry on top job is MOM.  i’m simply blessed with two healthy boys, Yin and Yang.

what would you say is the most important for someone opening up their own spa? skin care salon? 

check your baggage at the door and leave everyone elses’ baggage withiin the walls, love ALL things skin care: from acne to waxing because it’s going to get hairy :-).

skin care is extremely progressive so stay up on all the current treatments, trends and products.

what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

san clemente is what i love about so cal. i love that my mom and dad are just a mile away. i love that my boys attend the grade school that my sisters and i went to. i love the salty air and sea. i feel safe and loved here.

 what are your least favorite things about southern california?

cold winter water, summer time crowds, and the increasing number of shark sightings. 

thank you miss jena. you utterly crushable!

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happy weekend….

May 11, 2012

weekend happy to you m’loves.

can you believe miss may is almost half past her tee time?

how do you plan to wrangle your saturday and sunday free?

yesterday i had my face zapped by oc’s fabulous age eraser, francine oca.

i swear by this woman’s trickery with the laser. the results are sans pareil; with one strike of her wand, age spots and wrinkles begone!

but, one must deal with the torrid, scaby vestiges of dead skin of yore as they hold on for dear life, and unhurriedly fall off my face, revealing virginal, melasma free skin.

the next couple of days i must wrap my meatball face in shrouds of covertness; there are other people to consider.


on saturday and sunday i hope to lotte berk and pilates my extra birthday weight off of these thighs.

last week’s celebration most definitely had a pastry theme; and my j brands are feeling it.

one of the many tasty sweets i received was a tupperware full of homemade, buttercream, vanilla frosting.

t’would be rude not to finish, no?

my mother taught me better than that…

speaking of mothers, on sunday afternoon i plan to tack on any lost weight with a giant mother’s day brunch.

we are going big with a decadent buffet…

cue the rocky music….

the forecast is for sunny, blue skies, both literally and figuratively.

nothing like a cerulean ocean view and poufy skirt to complete a beautiful weekend.

i can’t think of a better combo bite.

and, of course, our weekend would not be complete without…. game of thrones.

are you as obsessed as we are?

are you sucked into veep too?

so ring me a riddle of your weekend desires m’loves….

see you on the other side of sunday.

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October 10, 2011

it’s that time of year! my favorite time of year. time to get the body back in its natural flow, time to get the muck and the mire out, and the green and goodness in.

it’s time to ritual cleanse.

delivered directly to your doorstep, ritual cleanse is a unique daily, organic juice cleanse designed to reset your body by “flooding the cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and detox your body without the harsh symptoms associated with other cleanses.”

although you may customize days and juices, hunkiest and i always go for the 3 day cleanse. we feel three days gives us the best benefits for the body {his sugar addictions} and for the mind {my food obsessions}.

the mental clarity and mood lifting are my favorite remnants of ritual cleanse.

because we both workout so much we opt for the extra pre & post shred juices.

we’re silly excited over the seasonal juice of pear ginger. YUM!!!

already, he’s done with his green-lemon of the day.

i love everything about this company. their bottles are all biodegradable. so are their delivery bags which i now predominantly use as my grocery bags {and to be honest sometimes my purse}. the cold packs used to keep the juices cool also are non-toxic and re-usable.

i have to emphasize the organic, raw nature of these juices; pure, unadulterated fruits and vegetables only!!

there are other juice companies promoting similar cleanses, but ritual cleanse is the ONLY one in town with 100% organic produce.

side note, if you ever want to buy single juices {like me}, villa pilates and yoga sells them. you can come, take a class with me, and share a ritual cleanse juice after!

i pretty much spend my paycheck on ritual cleanses and stuff in the cute boutique at villa pilates and yoga. {worth every penny.}

this is not lip service m’loves. i’m an addict for these juices. please feel free to message me if you’re thinking about the cleanse, but a bit hesitant because it may be a new adventure for you.

healthy monday to you!

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March 25, 2010

really now? 33 years old and i have the skin for junior prom.

i rid myself of the coffee.


ditched dairy…….for a day.

i’ve had every peel, potion, and prescription known to cameron diaz.

i still wake up with meth face.

i’m hoping all this blotchy rudiness will translate into delayed onset wrinkle entrenchment (d.o.w.e.)

i must say both parents and both sets of aunts benefit from d.o.w.e.

the japanese-irish clans have fared well with their whiskey/sake elixirs.

as of today i’m relying on kate sommerville. i was promised her new product would do “wonders” for me.

i have enjoyed her spa clinic, and her quench serum is definitely the bee’s knees for rendering faces fetching and fancy.

i’ll be back with the results.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed.

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aged and confused

December 9, 2009

i sit here, and can feel my face age as i type. the back of my brain sloping up and over my forehead snuffing out my eyebrows. with my iris’ in tow, my temples have strung themselves out on opposite sides of the room giving my geisha heritage more facial real estate. no amount of  la mer is going to remedy this hot mess. best to bid all a good day. and start fresh anon. a bientot mes amis.

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Softer than a baby’s……

October 16, 2009

i baby butt  8-25-08.JPGI think the last time I had a facial there was still hot, steamy sex happening in the Gosselin household . Don’t get me wrong I’m a complete skin product junkie. I can spend precious (working) hours on beauty blogs, thousands of  dollars (over the years honey) on creams, serums, and potions, but when it comes to settling down, and committing to that 2 hour date with an esthetician I’m a total George Clooney. My lovely friend, Alexei, though spoiled me with a gift certificate to her facialist, and the expiration was fast approaching. I knew I’d be in great hands. Alexei is stupid pretty with skin so creamy and smooth you want to serve her in a bowl with sliced strawberries. I want to hate Alexei, but she’s so effing nice and lovable instead I’ve just made her a close friend so she can give me street cred.

Let’s just say the bitch’s secret is up!!! Can you say “dermaplane” baby?  Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a special surgical blade to scrape away the top layer of dead skin. This scouring of the skin lets the underlying layer of smooth, luminous, baby skin to surface. Dawn Haymond, at Beauty Laser & Wellness in Newport Beach, Ca, apparently is the Southern California dermaplane extraordinaire. This is Alexei’s magic wizard, and I can see in the mirror why. A one hour facial with Dawn and her “shank,” and my skin is truly transformed. Now the only question is whether to put a diaper or sunblock on my face???!

Happy Weekend! Love, Katie

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