pajama day

May 22, 2012

you know those days when only cozy slippers and pillow-soft cotton will suffice?

when the last thing you want to do is throw on a waistband or anything with a zipper?

because the second you do, you’ve become just a bit more accountable for your courtroom: the cleanliness of your pulpit, the dapperness of your robes, and the impeccability of your tongue?

i am currently having one of those days…..

i’ll give you a dollar for a day of leisure and laze.

pretty please. {eyelash bat}…..

care to join me for a pajama party?

party outfit no. 1, party outfit no. 2

  • Yes, I'm there. Sadly the gardner caught me lounging on the couch in my pink pajamas, reading on my laptop at a disgraceful late morning hour today. Will see you tonight! p.s. How can I be sore from 5 minutes of exercise from yesterday?

    xo Mary Jo

    • goodniteirene

      pink pajamas!? that\’s a post waiting to happen.

  • Count me in!

    • goodniteirene

      you\’re in! i\’ll start making the hot chocolate.

  • I totally want to be part of this pajama party. I'd throw mine on right now if they weren't all in the wash.

    But when they come out, they'll be warm and smelling like lavender…

    • goodniteirene

      lavender? i need to know your laundry secrets…

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